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The Data Center: Now and in the Future

Is Your Data Center Ready for WHAT'S NEXT? 2012 2020 1.5x electricity used by the city of New York Global Data Center Power Growth 6х the electricity used by the city of New York Global Footprint Physical & Virtual Ďata Centers 18 Million Seruers 122 Million Seruers $50 Billion Global Spending on Data Center Construction $78 Billion By 2020, data centers will produce 359 megatons of co2 = 48% U.S. cars To put it into perspective... When measured in 2006, the number of motor vehicles registered in the United States: 244.2 million THE GROWTH OF DATA The SIze of the digital world is predicted to continue to increase by a factor of 1.2 You в Tube ZB 44 We haue generated 1.2 zettabytes (ZB) of digital data. This includes tweets, YouTube uideos, Facebook status updates, iTunes downloads, emails and other data transfers. 75 billion by 2020 This year, mankind will create 1.2 trillion gigabytes (GB) of data, equiualent to 75 billion 16 GB iPods. That's more than enough for every person on earth to own 10 iPods. ZB (Zettabyte) > GB (Cigabyte) > MB (Megabyte) MYHRISIER The Cooling Myth Most data centers operate in a temperature range between 68 and 72° Fahrenheit, and some are as cold as 55°F. One of the simplest ways to saue energy in a data center is to raise the temperature. You can raise the cold aisle of a data center to 80°F or higher. Just Plain Coal DATA CENTERS Google IDS Visa Apple Midas Networks Data Center runs Data Center The ultimate 100-acre solar farms Seruer rachs submersed in fully self-sustaining security feature: "100% recycled water a moat for up to 12 months mineral oil, dissipating 1200 times more heat to power data centers designed to trap would be ram-raiders THE AGING DATA CENTER IDC research says the auerage data center is nine years old Gartner suggests that a data center that is more than seuen years old is obsolete. 9. 8. Energy Efficient Ways to Green a Data Center S 1. Turn Off Lights & Unused Equipment – up to 5% savings 2. Improve Airflow - simply tidy up and unblock covered air vents 3. Use Blanking Panels – prevent warm air from being reintroduced at the front of the cabinet 4. Reduce Cable Congestion - try to keep cables ouerhead 5. Consider Using Monitoring / Management Power Strips 6. Adjust Temperature - 74 degrees is an optimal temperature 7. Consolidate Seruers through Virtualization 8. Establish a Strategic Server Replacement Policy Managing and Monitoring the Data Center TOP 6 CONCERNS: Adequate monitoring and management 56% Auailability (uptime) 52% Energy efficiency 46% Heat density (cooling) 42% Power density 32% Space constraints / growth 28% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Sources: • Colo & Cloud, Nouember 2011, "10 Interesting Data Center Implementations"- Data Center Knowledge, March 2011, "How Big is the Data Center Construction Market?" - EMC, June 2011, "The 2011 Digital Universe Study: Extracting Value from Chaos" - Emerson Network Power, December 2011, "Emerson Network Power Sizes Up the State of the Data Center in 2011" - Forsythe Focus, May 2011, "Gimmes for a Greener Data Center: 8 Woys to Save You Money"- Global e-Sustainability Initiative, 2008, "Smart 2020: Enabling the Low Carbon Economy in the Information Age"- Google Data Centers, "Our Energy Saving Data Centers"- Liebert's Data Center Users' Group Special Report, April 2012, "Growing Concerns Ouer Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring and Management" · McKinsey & Co. Report, "Revolutionizing Data Center Efficiency"- The Register, March 2012, "Why Haue an Air Gap When You Can Have a Water Barrier?" - http://www.census.gou/newsroom/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/cbo8-ffse04.html From the Editors of Forsythe FOCUS Magazine

The Data Center: Now and in the Future

shared by mattroyse on Aug 07
What the data center of the future may look like and how IT pros are managing today's data centers.


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