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The Dark Side of the Internet

THE DARK SIDE OF THE INTERNET What is the Dark Web? In simple terms, the Dark Web is the hidden side of the internet. Although a public space, special access and software (of which 'Tor' is the most commonly used) is required to reach its hidden depths. The Dark Web also forms part of the larger 'Deep Web', which is not indexed by search engines such as Google. The Structure of the Internet The Tip of the Iceberg Surface Web The part most of us are familiar with. This comprises only 10% of the total size of the internet. All sites are indexed by search engines and are easily accessible. Examples: Facebook, Twitter, etc Size: -19 TB / -980,000,000 websites 10% Largely unfiltered and cluttered SPECIAL ACCESS ONLY AFTER THIS POINT 90% Deep Web Refers to the content on the internet that is not indexed by standard search engines. The Deep Web contains mostly innocuous things Examples: Academic information, medical records, legal documents, government resources Size: -7,500 TB / Unknown number of sites Extremely well organised and filtered 100% ANONYMOUS AFTER THIS POINT Dark Web The Dark Web forms the deepest layer of the Deep Web. It is believed most of the content here is of a criminal nature. Dark Web Content A study by Gareth Owen of Portsmouth University discovered that content on the Dark Web was dominated by: Illegal pornography, black markets, hacking groups and botnet operations (those commonly associated with spam, fraud and malicious attacks). Hidden Services on the Dark Web (January 2015) Drugs Fraud / Counterfeit Black Market Sites Bitcoin Whistleblowing Hacking Pornography Blogs Abuse Other / Not Indexed Who's on the Dark Web? Despite attempts to index the Dark Web, much is still unknown about its contents. What we do know is that lurking within its depths, various characters use the Dark Web to perform nefarious activities and sell illegal products. Black Markets Botnets Terrorists Services creating a Selling all manner of illegal items and The US Government large amount of traffic has successfully to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or products, e.g. drugs intercepted messages and weapons. from Al Qaeda. suspend a server. Hoaxers Hackers Fraudsters It's incredibly hard to The anonymity of the There are many sites tell what's true and Dark Web provides and forums dedicated what is a hoax on the the perfect base for to scamming and Dark Web. hackers to work from. counterfeiting. Phishing Hitmen Pornography Dominated by illegal and ethically disputed Cloned sites and Services include scam sites are hitmen for hire and abundant on the arms dealers, with a pornography. Dark Web. pricing structure. Any of These 'Services' May Pose a Threat to Your Business! With all the above available as services to buy or hire on the Dark Web, there is a very real threat to your business. Your information can be stolen, duplicated and sold very quickly and in total anonymity. Your Data For Sale And it Doesn't Cost Much Either... Your Social Security Number $1.00 To set up a fake Facebook account with 15 friends $1.00 I DDOS service $7 per hour Your Medical Records $50+ Spam Emails $50 for around 500,000 emails Your Credit Card details $60, but can go for as little as $0.25 And For a Bit More Money... Mobile Malware $150 Your Bank Details $1000+ * Commercial Malware $2500+ Exploits $150,000 but realistically this could be $millions But it's Not All Bad... The Dark Web isn't totally full of criminal activity, some use the anonoymity for good, such as whistleblowing, or activism. There is also some suggestion that government agencies uses complex code-breaking puzzles to recruit new staff, such as the Cicada 3301 puzzle. So whilst the Dark Web contains the very worst criminality, it is also an online safe haven for dissidents, journalists and champions of free speech. So How Did it All Begin? A Timeline of the Dark Web The term 'Darknet' was first coined in the 1970s to designate networks which were isolated from the ARPANET (which later evolved into the internet) for security purposes. But it wasn't until the 2000s until things really started gaining pace. ESEARCH The Freenet network started VAL RESE hosting static content. ASHINGT The Tor network was developed by the US Naval Research Lab. The 12P peer-to-peer network was developed from the Freenet network. The Tor network was released under a general ot licence. TO The Tor network became a nonprofit organisation. The Bitcoin digital currency was developed, making anonymous, encrypted transactions possible. 2013 Tor usership reaches 4 million users How Does Tor Work?... Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting of more than six thousand relays to conceal a user's location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. Your chosen Tor client will pick a random path to the destination server. Tor node Unencrypted link Encrypted link A Dark Web URL, Analysed It's probably not a great idea to start browsing around the Dark Web, but if you did, you'd need a Tor-enabled browser or a proxy to do so. Dark Web links aren't that easy to stumble across, based on their composition, but occasionally links find their way onto popular sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Reddit and forums. http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion the hostname .onion is a randomly generated from domain suffix reachable only via the Tor network the Tor software to create a hidden service Disturbing Dark Web Facts & Figures » $20k A massive 96% of the internet is not $20k is the cost Incredibly, 80% for a hitman to of Tor's funding accessible by search target an 'ordinary' comes from engines, like Google or Bing. person. $100k for the US someone 'important'. Government. $1.2bn XXXXX XXX0 There are an estimated Edward Snowden used It is believed that Silk 50,000 extremist the Dark Web to leak files Road (a black market terrorist groups on about the NSA’s mass site) made around $1.2 the Dark Web. surveillance billion in revenue programs. whilst active. The Deep (& Dark) The 60 largest Deep Web are growing at Web sites contain around 750 TB. That's 40 times bigger than the a faster rate than the surface rate. entire Surface Web! Conclusions What is Being Done About the Dark Web? US. Immigration and Customs Eaforcement THIS HIDDEN SITE HAS BEEN SEIZED as part of a joint law enforcement operation by the Federal Bureau of investigation, ICE Homeland Security Investigations, and European law enforcementagencies acting through Europol and Eurojust ntatee orr ped buthe iteed esaneds oe the Sdherm Detrieel Sew Yr Iedp t USC NI whe Uied Ste D Ct the leuthen Dtte erk GCHQ NSA In 2013 GCHQ announced the Agents of the NSA and the GCHQ formation of a 'Joint Operations have anonymously provided Tor Cell' to focus on cybercrime. with information. Vigilantism Research / Advice In 2015, an IBM security research A security blogger attempted to expose credit card fraudsters hiding on the Dark Web - he was later group, called "X-Force", put out a quarterly report that advised companies to block Tor on security targeted by the group; they sent a grounds, citing a "steady increase" in attacks from Tor exit nodes as gram of heroin and a SWAT team to his home. well as botnet traffic. Indexing Europol The US Defence Advanced Silk Road 2.0 was taken down in a Reasearch Projects Agency (DARPA) single day following a six month, have begun the ardious task of 17-nation police operation, with indexing the Deep Web, getting one Europol keeping quiet about how step closer to identifying the this was achieved. structure of the Deep web. But you can't leave it all down to the higher powers. You have to make sure you are prepared, protected and fully responsibile for your sojourns on the world wide web. 10 Ways You Can Stay Safe Online Your Inbox Inbox Stay away from the Dark Web. Seriously. Mon 18/01 Starred Drafts Keep ALL your software up-to-date. Not just Anti-Virus! Sun 17/01 Sent Deleted Use many, strong passwords. Caps, lowercase, numbers, etc. Sat 16/01 Be vigilant on public WiFi. It may not be as secure as you think. Fri 15/01 Check your privacy settings on your social media accounts. Fri 15/01 Look for a padlock or HTTPS in your browser window for security. Wed 13/01 Don't download attachments from strangers' emails. 2 Tue 12/01 Don't click any links in an email unless you know the sender. Sun 10/01 Make sure you have a firewall installed. Sat 11/01 Have a separate set-limit (e.g. £200) credit card for online transactions. Thu 09/01 Stay Safe. Don't Have Nightmares... CartwrightKing SOLICI TORS Sources: b-do-you-know-what-the-deep-web-is-and-why-you-should-fear-it/;rgn=main cks-sophisticated-look-protect-DARK-WEB.html Web-internet-security-hacking SURFACE 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 BX DEEP %24

The Dark Side of the Internet

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The internet is huge, we all know that. It would take months and months, probably years, to go on Google and find every single website on the internet... But did you know that the sites that you can f...


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