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Cyber security Glossary

Cyber Security Glossary Confused by the Cyber security terms you come across in the cyber security world This glossary, provided by Secure Hunter, will help you to understand the key terms in the lingo of Malware and Cyber-Crime. SPYWARE In a lighter note it is a program created to make a follow up without authority from the consumer. According to other definitions, Spyware is the illegal technology that alters consumer's familiarity, confidentiality, use, network safety, running and mounting of new softwares, gathering and conveying of personal details. TROJAN This is an application that when run tends to do a particular activity, but in real sense it does another. It is also known as a Trojan horse. VIRUS This is a language or application that dangerously imitates a probable duplicate of itself. They contaminate a system file or computer system and basically alter the position of system components in order to manage then duplicate to create new cohort. WORM These are harmful applications or viruses that attack computer network and duplicate on several computer networks. Worms always run themselves like robots on a remote system even with no assistance from a computer administrator. Worms like mass-mailer as they are known, will not at any point robotically run themselves with no assistance from a computer administrator. ADWARE This is a promotional software code or language that conveys promotional content basically in a way or perspective that may be unanticipated and discarded by consumers. Several promotional softwares execute follow up tasks, and thus, may also be grouped as Follow up Technologies. A number of users possibly will crave to get rid of the promotional software if they demur to such follow up, do not desire to observe the promotion brought about by the software, or are irritated by its impacts on the technique operation. BOTNET This is form of Remote Control Program, particularly an assortment of program robots that stream separately. These remote controlled programs are purposely tasked with conveying spam tenuously, mounting a number of Spyware exclusive of approval, and additional illegitimate intentions. EXPLOIT/SECURITY EXPLOIT This is a part of a program that uses the availability of weak or insecure computer systems used by people and retrieve data from the system unlawfully. KEYLOGGER (OR KEYSTROKE LOGGER) This is a follow up program that is designed to report the keyboard and mouse movements when connected to a computer. This software keeps record of reports emanating from the keystrokes to be used later and even goes further to broadcast them to the user or the remote method. It can 8 LOGIN A**** be said to keep track of mouse and keyboard movements. These softwares are as well prone to risky uses by hijackers to secretly follow the conduct to carry out unnecessary or illegal activities such as identity theft. ROOT KIT This is a software which illegally obtains a computer's administrator's accessibility rank which might as well run in a way that averts exposure. If this happens, it is used to track flow and keystrokes, create an alternative route into the computer network and change the system applications to evade exposure. The Rootkit guidelines substitute the real computer network guidelines employed by the Hijacker and cover the availability of the Rootkit. ZOMBIE This is a computer structure or system which has been overridden or attacked by the use of Remote Control applications. These systems normally are employed into a network to launch spam or to assault the remote servers with huge quantity of flow, i.e. a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) Assault. A botnet is created from a group of Zombies. Visit us at Gecure ├×unter

Cyber security Glossary

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0 comments Confused by the Cyber security terms you come across in the cyber security world? This glossary, provided by Secure Hunter, will help you to unde...




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