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Cyber Crime Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

ChiA CYBER CRIME :\> Statistics and Trends| 2017 2011 By 2017, the global Cyber Security market is expected to skyrocket to $120.1 billion from $63.7 billion in 2011. The estimated annual cost over global cybercrime is 100 BILLION YEARLY CYBER CRIME VICTIM COUNT ESTIMATE VICTIMS PER YEAR 556 million VICTIMS PER DAY Over 1.5 million VICTIMS PER SECOND 18 IDENTITIES EXPOSED More than 232.4 million MORE THAN 600,000 FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS ARE COMPROMISED EVERY DAY. social network users said they'd fallen link on social network platforms. to a scam or fake COMMON TYPES OF CYBER ATTACKS VIRUSES, MALWARE, WORMS, TROJANS THEFT OF DATA-BEARING DEVICES CRIMINAL INSIDER SQL INJECTION 33% 28% 50% 28% 22% 11% 17% 17% J WEB-BASED ATTACKS SOCIAL ENGINEERING PHISHING OTHER Botnets have been using as many as 120,000 infected "zombie" computers to send out spam each day. % OF CYBERCRIME VICTIMS BY GENDER 71% 63% MALE FEMALE 59% of ex-employees admitted to stealing company data when leaving previous jobs. DATA BREACH STATISTICS BY INDUSTRY 351% 89% 10.7% BUSINESS MEDICAL, HEALTHCARE EDUCATIONAL 53% 99% BANKING, CREDIT, FINANCIÁL GOVERNMENT, MILITARY THE MAJOR MOTIVATION BEHIND CYBER ATTACKS 40% 50% 3% 7% CYBER CRIME CYBER WARFARE CYBER ESPIONAGE HACKTIVISM is the use of computers and computer networks to promote political ends, chiefly freespeech, human rights, and information ethics STATISTICS OF BANK FUND FRAUD CASES LOSS AND RECOVERY BANK were able to hold on to funds 0% were able to recover fraudulently transferred funds O8% were declared unrecoverable caused loss to banks due to S reimbursements 60% caused loss to businesses TOP CAUSES FOR 85% OF DIRECT FINANCIAL COSTS OF CYBER-ATTACKS IN THE U.S THEFT OR LOSS FRAUD REPAIRS OTHERS 42% 26% 17% 15% USA RUSSIA 19.7% 39.4% Russia and the U.S. are the largest contributors when it comes to malware attacks making up 39.4% and 19.7% of hosted malware, respectively. U.S.NAVY US Navy sees 110,000 cyber-attacks every hour, or more than 30 every single second TOP 15 COUNTRIES WHERE CYBER ATTACKS ORIGINATE (FEBRUARY 2013) 350,948 367,966 ROMANIA HUNGARY 566,531 162,235 UKRAINE POLAND 2,402,722 780,425 RUSSIA GERMANY 133,908 JAPAN 355,341 USA 288,607 ITALY 337,977 907,102 143,943 BRAZIL TAIWAN ISRAEL 168,146 CHINA 185,720 255,777 ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA Compiled & designed by: web technologies Data Source: -threats/167901091/security/security-management/240003251/study-cybersecurity-market-to-do uble-in-next-five-years.htm of_Cyber_Crime_Study_FINAL6%20.pdf http://now- ime_Report Master_FINAL 050912.pd failing-to-detect-and-stop-online-fraud-before-it-happens/ cyber-attacks-every-hour-or-more-than-30-every-single-second/ up-to-10-million-cyber-attacks-daily вX

Cyber Crime Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

shared by gogulf on May 17
Check out our infographic to know the latest statistics and trends of Cyber Crime industry.





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