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O CRYPTO. Switching from investment to payment "...93% of consumers are considering using emerging payments in the next year. In addition to contactless, these include biometrics, QR code, as wėll as digital currencies." Number of Cryptocurrency Users in millions 106 90 91 92 88 89 73 74 June 2020 July 2020 Aug 2020 Sep 2020 Oct 2020 Nov 2020 Dec 2020 Jan 2021 Users buy with Crypto March 2021 Prepaid cards/Gift cards 41.15% of payments VPN/Hosting 13.61% of payments Precious metals 6.85% of payments Games & Entertainment 5.45% of payments IT 2.12% of payments Food & Beverages 1.82% of payments Currency exchange 1.49% of payments Financial Services 1.2% of payments Other 9.57% of payments *demand on Prepaid cards and Gift cards shows the users' interest in crypto payments among the major brands and companies. Pros of switching to Crypto **** Anonymity Transaction speed Security Users pay with BitPay or Coinbase BitPay Payment Count by Wallet March 2021 BitPay 27.18% of payments Coinbase 14.95% of payments Blockchain VWallet 11.83% of payments Electrum Wallet 6.75% of payments Exodus Wallet 6.58% of payments Bitcoin Core 3.35% of payments Metamask 2.07% of payments Ledger 2.05% of payments Trust Wallet 1.86% of payments Atomic Wallet 1.56% of payments Other 21.8% of payments Major brands that accept crypto TECH & Brands: NETWORK Rakuten N namecheap OneDrive wework Pay Pal E S Surfshark A HOSTINGER M MEGA dish G MoneyGram. GALACTIC mobile Microsoft ExpressVPN AirVPN newe NordVPN O Cyber Ghost O PrivateVPN Crypto: GAMES & ENTERTAINMENT Brands: twitch playasia zynga Aloha Tuners ACKPOT Che Pirate Bap ABAK Crypto: E-WALLETS Brands: Pay G Pay SAMSUNG pay Crypto: #3 2#3 CAR COMPANIES ART SPORT CAR DEALERSHIPS Brands: Brands: Brands: Thailand California Sotheby's UK A CHRISTIE'S MAJOR CINEPLEX Crypto: Crypto: Crypto: B E-COMMERCE Brands: Etsy O |shopify AT&T REEDS Juliettes LUSH FRESH OpenBazaar HOME DEPOT FASINTELH a alzashop Crypto: TRAVEL & AIRLINES Brands: O Expedia OScubaOtter XCELTRIP eet t n ALTERNATIVE airBaltic AirTreks norwegian DESTinia peach SURFAIR *com Greitai.It eTravelSmart BERKELEY TRAVEL soarch feol book PRIVATEFLY Crypto: and others FOOD & BEVERAGES Brands: ABUC CCA Yum! BEES WHOLE COCA-COLA AMATIL SHUTTLE rbi SUBWAY JUST EAT menufy ARROWHEAD BEEF Crypto: and others MEDIA Brands: ANTIE WAR. Porn hub 4chan Crypto: and others NON PROFIT Brands: EARCHIVE I Tor Tunapanda United Way The Waler Project Learn. Code. Inplre. Teach. (inspire) American Red Cross Save the Children. ESE FREE SOFTWARE Crypto: and others #1 BUSINESS SERVICES & MARKETING Brands: Aprio goLance VIRTUZONE RankWorks Crypto: and others *the option of crypto payment may vary in different countries Buy a Gift card If the shop or brand is missing from the list, then you might consider using a gift/shopping card OPurse gyft Coincards Bitrefill 00000 B O COINSBEE CS coingate S Bidali WeGift B B B M and others and others and others and others Bitplaza an App designed to Shop with Bitcoin Spot a place to spend crypto with Coinmap 22284 venues on 26th May, 2021 Crypto payments coming soon Google amazon ebay Uber VISA mastercard Sources: Statista BitPay Coinbase Mastercard Investor Investopedia FinancesOnline Galaxy Digital Research by SCANTEAMPRƠ Demine's


shared by alexlysak on Jun 04
The infographic I designed depicts the stats and numbers on consumers' interest and acceptance and well-known companies that are crypto-friendly, including tech, travel, and airlines.


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