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Countries that are Superpowers in the Technology Sector

TECHY NICKK Tecy Nick SUPERPOWER COUNTRIES IN THE TECHNOLOGY SECTOR JAPAN Japan is a country that is known for its dedication and hard work. And, because of that Japan is way ahead in so many fields from the rest of the world. Technology is one of those fields where no one is able to beat Japan. AMERICA The United States is very powerful. And behind this power, there are many reasons. One of the reasons why the US is very powerful is, that it is very advanced in the Technology sector. Also, they're still developing new technology constantly. SOUTH KOREA South Korea is a very powerful nation in terms of economy. And because of that, they're spending a lot of money on their R&D sector. That's why South Korea is one of the best countries in terms of Technology. GERMANY The economic powerhouse of Europe is here. A very rich and developed nation is here. From the automobile to the farming sector. Germany is rocking everywhere around the world with its technology and manufacturing power. CHINA From creating an artificial moon to testing its own Space Station. China is also dominating the world. With its amazing power and development in the Technology Sector. There is no doubt that China is a powerful nation in the world. INDIA India is also an emerging economy and after launching the successful #mangalyan in the first attempt. This land of colors is also dominating the world with its soft power. India is also spending a lot of money on R&D sector ENGLAND England is the seventh-largest economy in the world. And this country also holds the permanent seat in the UNGA. The UK is also a technology hub where you'll find the latest techs and gadgets before they appear anywhere in the world. f TECHYNICKK TECHYNICKK.COM O TECHYNICKK

Countries that are Superpowers in the Technology Sector

shared by mickysingh on Mar 11
I've curated this list of top and advance countries that are booming in the Technology Sector.


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