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Could Extreme Weather Take Down the Internet?

STORM IN THE CLOUD:- Hurricanes are already powerful forces of nature, but the strength of these storms may only continue to escalate. WHAT WOULD Could a Hurricane Take Down the Internet? HAPPEN IF A HUGE STORM FORCE WERE TO COLLIDE WITH MAJOR CLOUD SERVERS, AN INTEGRAL PART OF OUR INTERNET CAPACITY? Here's a look at the cause and effect of the worst-case scenario. When considering ALL OF AMAZON's CLOUD CENTERS across the U.S., a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF DATA COMES INTO PLAY, Netflix P Pinterest In three months alone. O It was reported that AMAZON'S Pinterest HOSTS ABOUT 20 MILLION S3 CLOUD STORED 762 billion objects in 2011.«. 3.5 MILLION subscribers viewed MEDIA DAILY ACTIVE USERS. THROUGH NETFLIX. O tis possible Amazon's cloud holds 1% OF THE ENTIRE INTERNET. Reddit Instagram Reddit reached 100,000 Instagram has over >80 MILLION REGISTERED USERS. O Some MAJOR SITES WOULD unique VISITORS AT ONE TIME in January 2012. BE IMPACTED if the AMAZON CLOUD WERE TO GO DOWN, including: RACKSPACE has been speculated to hold about 10% of the OF THE MARKET). market (SECOND TO AMAZON'S POTENTIAL O More than 180,000 businesses STORE DATA ON RACKSPACE CLOUD SERVERS. O The company WORKS WITH 40% of the FORTUNE 100 COMPANIES. VIRGINIA, where MAJOR CLOUD CENTERS are located for both Amazon and Rackspace, ISN'T IN THE CLEAR WHEN IT COMES TO MAJOR STORMS. Some projections estimate that 3 HURRICANES that hit the state > 12 HURRICANES GREENHOUSE WARMING between 2003 and 2004 resulted in can cause STORM INTENSITY directly hit the state of Virginia between 1851 and 2009. the DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION of TO INCREASE 2-11% 1,400 BUSINES SES. by 2100. CONCLUSION With the USE OF CLOUD STORAGE GROWING ALONG WITH THE STRENGTH OF STORMS, a collision of these two forces could result in some MAJOR CONSEQUENCES. Thankfully, many cloud computing companies take security seriously, BUT SHOULD THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO OCCUR, it could be EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL FOR THE STATE OF ONLINE DATA. SOURCE :

Could Extreme Weather Take Down the Internet?

shared by Rsammy on Aug 15
The United States is no stranger to extreme weather. These natural disasters could tear down buildings, destroy infrastructure, and possibly even leave a city in ruins.This country has experienced 3 C...




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