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The Cost of Stolen Laptops Tablets and Smartphones

COST STOLEN or LOST LAPTOPS, TABLETS & SMARTPHONES TRENDS IN DEVICE THEFT & LOSS Those Who Experienced (2010) 50%6 Kensington THEFT LOSS 91% 73% LAPTOPS Where Devices Are Stolen (2010) OFFICE/WORK CONFERENCE MEETING ROOM CAR ONE 52% 24% 13% O/ OF ALL MOBILE DEVICE USERS KEEP OUT OF TEN Most Affected Industries PASSWORDS, PERSONAL INFO and CREDIT Education & Research LAPTOPS ARE STOLEN OR LOST OVER THE LIFETIME OF THE DEVICE Health & Pharma Puble Secter CARD DETAILS ON THEIR DEVICE Transpertetion Cammunicefiom 60% of lost or stolen Smartphones contain the following data 62% Contact List 1 LAPTOP IS STOLEN EVERY 53SECONDS Emails 58% Where They Are Lost 7 (2011) Internet Credentials 52% OFFSITE IN TRANSIT WORK DON'T KNOW 47% 29% 13% 11% Security Codes and Settings 35% Smartphones Lost Each Year (2011) SMARTPHONES 70 Million. 34% Business Apps only (7%) are recovered 4.3% Smartphone Security Mobile Payments 30% 57% of lost smartphones were not protected with /0 enabling mobile security features of Smartphones issued 78% of enterprise plan to have tablets deployed by the end of 2013 Most Popular Apps (2011) TABLETS 60- 50 53% 40 36% 30 32% 20 28% 10 Personal and Professional Contocts Confidential Work-Related Information Work Related Purchases Work-Related, Presentations, Bids, Controcts, NDA's, Plans COST OF DEVICE LOSS and SUBSEQUENT DATA BREACH AVERAGE Average Cost From Laptop Loss (2009) COST Laptop Replocement Detection & Escalation Forensics & Investigotion 814 1,582 262 2% 80% $49,000 Data Breach Intellectual Lost Productivity Other Legal Costs 39,297 5,871 243 al Property Loss 12% 1,177 2% (including downtime, support and management time) Total 49,246 100% Average Cost Of Recovering From A Single Corporate Data Breach 2010 2007 2008 2009 2005 2006 $3.3 MILLION $4.6 MILLION $6.3 MILLION $6.7 MILLION $6.8 MILLION $7.2 MILLION RECOMMENDED PRACTICES IN SECURING MOBILE DEVICES Implement a mobile security policy Invest in physical security Never leave devices logged into networks, email or websites Encrypt all data and secure networks Authenticate users and always know who has access 85% -..... Well implemented security policies reduce laptop theft by ------!-- ----- Sources KENSINGTON I PONEMON INSTITUTE I MCAFEE.COM I FORBES.COMI DATATHEFTSOLUTIONS.COM I MACSENSE.COM Kensington

The Cost of Stolen Laptops Tablets and Smartphones

shared by judithgold on Feb 01
When your laptop, smart phones and tablets get stolen or lost, you lose much more than the cost of the tool. This infographic provides information about how people can unlock and breach your personal ...




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