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The Cost of Server Downtime!

the cost of server downtime SERVER DOWNTIME! Anyone who has made an online service will know how disastrous a service outage can be. Apart from it being stressful, irritating and uncomfortable it is also very costly. Find out exactly how much downtime can actually cost yoU when all the impacts are accounted for. TOP DOWNTIME CAUSES POWER STATION 40% HARDWARE FAILURE 25% NETWORK FAILURE 19% FLOOD 17% HUMAN ERROR 15% SOFTWARE FAILURE 13% FIRE 9% HURRICANE OTHER WINTER STORM 3% TORNADO 3% TERRORISM 1% COST OF DOWNTIME BUSINESS 73% of businesses have had some type of operations interruptions in the past 5 years. DURING THAT TIME, BUSINESSES HAVE LOST OVER due to an average of 7.5 hours per year downtime in the $70 MİLLION $5,600 /minute cloud. According to a study by the Ponemon institute, a minute of downtime costs businesses $5,600 on average. THE INCREASING DOWNTIME COSTS... 2005 2013 average loss average loss $42,000 per hour $300,000 per hour 87 hours 14 hours average downtime average downtime OTHER IMPACTS OF DOWNTIME Its not only money that matters. Downtime can hurt an organization in many ways. Loyal customers may leave you for a competitor if performance continues to suffer. Your Employees have less time to work on their other projects. The longer your website is down, the higher are the chances of the websites SEO ranking being affected. Big outages draw a lot of media attention. Your brand will be under attack and may suffer in the long term. PREVENTING & RECOVERING FROM DOWNTIME THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOUR SITE CRASHES Buy DNS backup service. Buy a monitoring service. Always backup your database. A lot of downtime (and headaches) can be attributed to problems related to your DNS. DNS backup services constant- ly grab your DNS data and act as a backup if your primary DNS goes down. You can purchase a service that pings your website every few minutes and notifies you (via text message, email, etc.) if it goes down. In addition to making regular backups of your website and databases, make sure you create an additional backup before tweaking the database itself. Keep domain name registration up to date. So many downtime fiascos could be solved by simply remembering to renew your domain name. Go ahead and set your domain name to auto renew. Or purchase you of any errors that are Use Google Webmaster Tools. Use appropriate server downtime error codes. Using GWT is a no-brain- er. It provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google and will notify Be sure to use appropri- ate redirect server codes. Consult the inter- net or your IT team for proper use of server codes. your name for the next ten years and set the domain registrar lock. encountered while crawling it. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR SITE CRASHES Verify that your site is actually down. Contact your hosting company or IT support. Get on the horn with your hosting company and see if they can assist you with your outage. Con- tact your IT support team or that super-nerdy neighbor of yours. Try to determine the cause. Make sure the problem isn't your browser or internet connection. To If you can, try to pin- point why the downtime is occurring. Program- ming error? DNS prob- lem? Expired domain? Hardware related? be doubly sure, phone a friend and have them test your site. Notify users of the outage. Don't leave your users in Regularly check in with your IT team. Stay calm. Regular communication with your IT team is cru- cial. Cooperate with them if they need any help finding information long way in making sure about your website or server. Get an estimate from them as to how long it will take for the prob- lem to be resolved. the dark. Put out a mes- Chill out! It's not the end of the world. Downtime sage accounts to let users know on your social media affects the best of us. what's going on and when you plan to have things up and running. If the outage is planned, send out an email beforehand letting users know the date and duration of the outage. Staying calm will go a that you and your team can resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Sources: AppDynamics: KISSmetrics Venturebeat alert Logicke Omizer Implementing Logic. Converting Dreams.

The Cost of Server Downtime!

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The cost of server downtime has risen and risen with the internet bubble over the past several years. Server outages affect everybody - from the giant to a startup. It is of umpteen importance for eve...


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