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The Cost of Hackers to the US

THE COST OF CYBERATTACKS IN THE US.. "CYBERCRIME IS THE GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HISTORY." - General Keith B. Alexander, former Director of the National Security Agency, Chief of Central Security Service, and Commander of United States Cyber Command SSS HOW MUCH CYBERAT TACKS COST SSS (DDOS A DDOS attack costs $38 per hour to launch X An attack costs $40,000 per hour to victims Cyberattacks cost companies around the world $7.7 million per year Cyberattacks cost US companies $15.4 million per year Every year, America loses 500,000 jobs to cyber- attacks More than 50% of cyberattacks are on US compa- nies Total annual damage to US economy: $100 billion (0.64% GDP) THE MOST-TARGETED INDUSTRIES: Global financial services ($13.5 million per company per year) Energy ($12.8 million per company per year) POPULAR TYPES OF CYBERAT TACKS DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) INTRODUCTION Someone floods a website with traffic and overloads its servers, shutting them down. Very common. 60% In 2013, DDOS attacks affected 60% of all companies. 87% were hit more than once. RANSOM WARE INTRODUCTION Criminals infect a computer with malware, encrypt files, and demand payment to unlock the'files. 45X In 2013, there were 8,274 recorded ransomware attacks. In 2014, there were 373,342 (45x more). SPEAR PHISHING INTRODUCTION Criminals send you an email from a familiar email address, impersonate someone you know, and attempt to learn your personal information. In 2014, spear phishing targeted 83% of all large companies. Spear phishing hit 44% of all mining companies, more than any other industry. THE MOST EXPENSIVE CYBERAT TACKS cítibank *RBS WorldPay TM Citibank ATM servers hacked (2008) COST: $2,000,000 RBS WorldPay loses 1.5 million payroll account details (2009) COT: $8,400,000 SONY أرامكو السعودية Saudi aramCO Sony movies and data stolen in massive hack (2014) COST: $15,000,000 35,000 Saudi Aramco computers hacked in colossal data wipe (2012) COST: $1,000,000,000+ (ESTIMATED) SMALL BUSINESSES AND HACKERS PERCENTAGE OF CYBERATTACKS AIMED AT COMPANIES WITH FEWER THAN 100 EMPLOYEES 71% PERCENTAGE OF VISA CREDIT CARD BREACHES THAT RELATE TO SMALL BUSINESSES 95% PERCENTAGE OF ALL SMALL BUSINESSES ATTACKED IN 2014 44% AVERAGE CYBERATTACK COST FOR SMALL BUSINESSES S8.700 HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS FROM CYBERAT TACKS BEFORE AN ATTACK O Check your finances weekly Never open attachments in emails from unknown senders O Enter URLS by hand instead of clicking links *** Never save passwords on your phone or computer E Regularly change passwords O Never text or IM personal information ATTPS Only buy from or submit information to websites with HTTPS security Use SSL or HTTPS for your businesss website O Regularly scan your site and computers for malware E Regularly assess your site for vulnerabilities Store digital keys and certificates in a secure, tamper-proof, cryptographic data storage container DURING AND AFTER AN AT TACK Disconnect your device(s) from the Internet C Perform a full system restore Re-install all protection software O Update all profection software Call all necessary entities (banks, credit companies, etc.) to ensure your information is secure SOURCES - CNN - CNBC - DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY - FORBES - HUFFINGTON POST - INC. - МСАFEE - PBS - SCOTSMAN - STATISTA - SYMANTEC - US NEWS - US OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT - USA TODAY - WALL STREET JOURNAL - WIRED - ZDNET Webpage FX

The Cost of Hackers to the US

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Every year, hackers cost American companies billions in expenses from cyberattacks and cyberterrorism. That means 500,000 Americans have to lose their jobs just because of hackers. Learn how much more...




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