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Cost of Data Storage Through the Years

THE COST OF DATA STORAGE THROUGHOUT THE YEARS 1979 2005 $233 $8.8886 1956 PER MEGABYTÉ PER MEGABYTE 2013 1956 Introduction of the first hard 1963 drive called RAMAC 305 was the size of 2 refrigerators. Try fitting that into your laptop! It held 5MB of data and cost about $10,000 per megabyte. This prehistoric hard drive had fifty 24-inch platters that could store up to 5 million characters. One megabyte $18.000 The first removab is created by IBM and it holds hard drive 2.6MB of information on six 14-inch platters. Nowadays, this storage capacity can hold 11 average size photos with a resolution of 2856 x 2142. holds approximately 500 pages of text; therefore the PER MEGABYTE storage capacity was approximately 37,500 pages of content. To rent this bad boy it'll only cost you $3,200 per month. People could rent this product for $695 a month, which came to a grand total of $8,340 for the year. YERRLY $8,348 PRICE ACTUAL PRICE: $58,888 | INFLATION COST: $422,847 YEARLY PRICE WITH INFLATION $62,575 1979 $233 1979 Hard drive 3370 is introduced by IBM. This product holds 571MB of storage and uses seven 14-inch platters. Thin-film heads are used for PER MEGABYTE The 62 PC "Piccolo" is introduced which stores 64MB of storage on eight-inch disks. Since the average price per megabyte was roughly $233, the estimated cost for this 64MB of storage was $15,000. the first time to create this hard drive. It is estimated that the price of this product in 1979 was roughly $5,000. ACTUAL COST: $5,088 ACTUAL PRICE: $15,888 INFLATION COST: $47,436 INFLATION COST: $15,812 1980 1979 The ST-506 drive and interface is In 1988 OnE The first 5.25 inch hard drive is created by Seagate. The ST-506 had the first mini floppy drive and cost $1,500. created by Seagate. This drive is used in early microcomputer implementations. With storage up to 5MB this drive costs $1,500. MEGABYTE OF STORAGE WOULD COST $233 ACTUAL COST : $1,588 INFLATION COST : $4,179 ACTUAL COST: $1,588 1980 INFLATION COST: $4,743 It's a storage milestone! IBM creates the first hard drive that 1981 stores one gigabyte of information. Weighing in at 550 pounds, which is the average weight of an anaconda. The hard drive could be purchased at $40,000. Apple releases a $3,500 hard $788,888 drive. This 5MB drive was PER CIGABYTE $700,000 per GB. ACTUAL COST: $48,888 INFLATION COST: $111,453 INFLATION COST: $8,848 In 1985 One MEGRBYTE OF STORAGE WOULD COST $71 The first 3.5 inch hard 1983 drive called the RO352 is released by Rodime. With a storage capacity of 10MB on just two platters. It's estimated that the price for the RO352 is roughly $2,700. 1986 The first 2.5 inch hard drive is created by Prairie Tek. The 220 hard drive holds 20MB of storage using two disks. This hard drive is created to drive production of notebook computers and roughly cost between $70o-$1,000. In 1998 One MEGABYTE OF STORAGE ACTUAL COST: $2,788 INFLATION COST: $6,223 WOULO COST $9 ACTUAL COST: $788-$1.888 In 1995 OnE INFLATION COST: $1,466-$2,894 MEGABYTE OF STORAGE WOULO COST 1992 $0.75 Hewlett Packard came out with the HP3014 which had 40MB of storage. Nicknamed Kittyhawk II it had a retail price of $499. The Kittyhawk II was a remake of the Kittyhawk that only had 20MB of storage and was the first hard drive that was created as a 1998 me incorrew Pin#1 malby ay war The dih K LA 1 he end The smallest hard drive to date is created by IBM. This microdrive houses 340 MB on just one, 1-inch disc. The price is anything but micro; this device is estimated to be $4,000. 1.3-inch microdrive. In 2808 OnE COST : $499 MEGABYTE OF STORAGE ACTUAL COST: $4,8 INFLATION COST: $5,634 WOULD COST $8.818 2000 The Cheetah X15 is launched. This 2003 breaks the speed limit and is the first hard drive to have a 15,000-rpm. This speed demon is priced from $395 to $750. A high performance hard drive is created by Western Digital, the 37GB Raptor is perfect for gamers because of it's speed and dual drive RAID setup. Prices are currently ranging from $35-$119. ACTUAL COST: $395-$758 INFLATION COST : $5,634 ACTUAL COST: $35-$119 INFLATION COST: $59-$148 2004 2005 Toshiba reveals the MK2001MTN, which is the first 2GB storage on a 0.85-inch hard drive. This was the Perpendicular magnetic recording technology stores first time a hard drive was created on a 0.85-inch platform. The estimated price started at $24. 40GB on 1.8-inch disks on Toshiba's MK4007 GAL. The ACTUAL COST: $24 INFLATION COST: $29 price for this product is estimated to be around $25. ACTUAL COST: $25 INFLATION COST: Ş29 In 2885 OnE The largest hard drive to date, the Barracuda 7200.10 2006 MEGABY TE OF STORAGE packs a punch and stores 750GB of information with a LAWOULD COST $8.0006 7200-rpm in performance. This perpendicular recording hard drive costs $590 and offers a high storage capacity. ACTUAL COST: $598 2007 Hitachi Global Storage Technology (HGST) created the first terabyte hard drive. A terabyte holds 1,000,000,000,000 bytes of storage. This product cost $370. INFLATION COST: $671 2008 ACTUAL COST : $378 INFLATION COST : $489 The Barracuda 7200.11 by Seagate takes the terabyte hard drive to the next level by creating a hard drive that offers users 1.5 On AVERAGE 90% OF NEW INFORMATION terabytes of data storage. WORLD WIDE WAS SAID TO BE STORED ON PRICE IN 2888: $98 INFLATION COST: $96 MAGNETIC MEDIA LIKE HARD DISKS. 2009 Western Digital's Caviar Green hard drive provides users with 2 terabytes of storage on a 3.5-inch platform. 2011 $399 dollars can buy you the largest amount of storage available in a hard drive. Western Digital's 4 terabyte hard drive runs at 7,200 RPM. 218 ACTUAL COST : $299 INFLATION COST : $320 ACTUAL COST: $399 INFLATION COST: $487 2012 Carry the world's smallest 1 terabytes of storage in your pocket. A high capacity SSD hits the market and ranging in price from $2,500 to $3,000. 2013 Western Digital is said to release a 5 TERABYTE COST : $2,580 - $3,880 hard drive in late 2013. Copyright 2013 | All Rights Reserved TOSHIBA

Cost of Data Storage Through the Years

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Goes through the years from the beginning of data storage until now. Shows the costs when released and how much the inflation cost would be today.




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