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Coronavirus Contact Tracing

CORONAVIRUS Contact-Tracing ロロロ COVID-19 measures seem to be in place for a longer time. In order not to the cripple economy these measures must become more efficient. .... That's where Apple's & Google's Tracking Project can help, but how about privacy? HOW DOES APPLE'S & GOOGLE'S PROPOSED TRACKING APP WORK? Alice's phone broadcasts a random message every few minutes. Alice sits next to Bob. Their phones exchange messages. Both phones remember what they said & heard in the past 14 days. If Alice gets Covid-19, she sends her messages to a hospital. Because the messages are random, no info's revealed to the hospital. .but Bob's phone can find out if it "heard" any messages from Covid-19 cases! If it "heard" enough messages, meaning Bob was exposed for a long enough time, he'll be alerted. And that's how contact tracing can protect our health and privacy! WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF CONTACT TRACING? More efficient social distancing Less economic damage as non-exposed people can return to work Faster suppression of spreading when a new infection cluster gets detected IMPLICATIONS OF THE COVID-19 TRACING-APP FOR PRIVACY? The system itself doesn't personally identify you and doesn't log your location. Of course, the health apps that use that system will eventually need to know who you are if you are to upload your diagnosis to health officials. CAN HACKERS CREATE A LIST OF EVERY INFECTED PERSON? As the central database, which stores all the codes sent out by infected people uses encryption. Breaching it would be very difficult, but not impossible. CAN GOOGLE, APPLE OR HACKERS GET MY LOCATION HISTORY? This is very unlikely and very difficult to execute. Someone would have to collect your proximity IDs, you would have to test positive and report it. Then it is technically very difficult to collect proximity IDs and tie them to someone's identity for a large set of people. Even when successful the hackers only get your data for the last 14 days. COULD SOMEONE USE THE APP TO FIGURE OUT WHO I'VE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH? As long as your specific log stays on your specific device, it's protected by the same device encryption that protects your texts and emails. DO I HAVE TO INSTALL THE APP? If you don't want to participate, don't install the app, and when the operating systems update over the summer, just leave the "contact tracing" setting toggled off. Apple and Google insist that participation is voluntary. Keep in mind though, that the app is also a protection against infection for you too, not only for others. SOURCES: Techtestreport https// without-sacrificing-your-privacy/ https://www.voxcom/science-and-health/2020/4/10/21209961/coronavirus-models-covid-19-limitations-imhe https//

Coronavirus Contact Tracing

shared by sarahpetrovatech on Apr 22
The infographic describes how Apple's & Google's proposed contact tracing app framework works and what implications such an app has on our privacy. It also explains which dangers there are with such an app.



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