Consumers & the Connected Car

Which Easy Driving Assistance Feature would you want the most? CONSUMERS & THE CONNECTED CAR 33% A car that can brake on its own to avoid an accident 26% Real-time navigation based on live traffic and road conditions 1000 We surveyed 1,000 Which Convenience Feature would you want the most? consumers from consumers from all 50 states in a scientific-grade study. 30% all 50 states Ability to easily locate your car using a mobile app and GPS in the car 29% In-car voice commands to make calls or re-route navigation directions UNFAMILIARITY WITH CONNECTED CARS Nearly 6 in 10 are unfamiliar with Connected Cars. Consumers overall are divided over Ideal Convenience Features. 58% CONSUMERS The demographic breakdown MALES 50% 30% 29% 29% 54% FEMALES 57% 18-34 41% Year Olds 35-54 Year Olds Locate Car In-Car 57% In-Car Voice Have NOT used Using GPS Commands Hotspot 55+ Year Olds 59% Connected Car features CONNECTED CAR: PARENTS VS. NON-PARENTS 18-34 Year Olds Parents prefer in-car hotspot while Non-parents favor ability to easily locate their Consumers most likely to use Connected Car features. car using a mobile app. PARENTS NON-PARENTS Out of those who are using Connected Car features, these are the most common usages: 17% 16% 13% 13% 35% 32% 31% Fuel Usage Vehicle Emergency In-car Call System In-car Voice- Diagnostics activated 26% 26% 25% Commands 8% 7% 7% 4% In-car Wi-fi In-car voice com- Ability to Easily Vehicle commands Receiving relevant Hotspot mands to make locate car using a that perform Con- ads specific to calls or re-route mobile app cierge Services car's location CONSUMERS ARE INTERESTED IN CONNECTED CARS navigation and GPS Despite low familiarity, consumers are interested in Connected Car benefits. Half of consumers (51%) want Safety and Security Features in a Connected Car over any other features. PAYING FOR CONNECTED CAR FEATURES How would you prefer to pay for Connected Car features? #1 #2 #3 # 4 Car Maintenance Easy Driving Assistance Features Safety and Security Concierge Service 68% Features Features Features At the Dealership Which Safety and Security Feature would you want the most? 32% Elsewhere 48% After Buying Emergency call system for assistance using GPS in the car I would like to pay as additional features that I buy from a separate company after I would like to pay all at once 26% through the dealership when I purchase or lease a car Ability to quickly recover a stolen car using GPS in the car purchasing or leasing a car Which Car Maintenance Feature would you want the most? Spireom 68% Ability to see vehicle diagnostics and your car's maintenance needs 14% Ability to monitor fuel usage patterns

Consumers & the Connected Car

shared by dianevu on Feb 24
Connected cars are a fascinating field today, with so many new features and innovations coming out. We wanted to figure out what consumers REALLY wanted from a connected car, so we commissioned Wakefi...




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