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The CONS of Hosting at Home

The CONS of Hosting at Home Dealing with Service Providers DSL and cable providers: · Explicitly forbid web hosting in contracts · Have contract clauses that allows them to raise prices 1 Penalize customers who run servers 1 Over subscribe their network for more bandwidth http PORTS WEB ssh ftp for HOST HOSTING sftp IP Address Issues - Changes from few hours to few days - No fixed IP Address " IP Address changes at a regular interval Internet Speed * Standard DSL in the US is assymetric Download Rate = 1.5 Mbit/second Upload Rate = 0.25 to 0.50 per 1.5 Mb/sec V Personal Web Pages A Popular Web Pages Internet Reliability Lack of Redundancy - Lack of alternative power source - Needs to use multiple network providers " Should not use the same internet backbone NO SLA Choking Personal Bandwidth TEST the Speed of the Host Network on Location START > RUN > TYPE "command" and ENTER then TYPE "ping" PING result: Average 80 = GOOD Over 100 = VERY BAD I Look for Average Ping I Lower value means faster loading Except if host is based from other country time NEVER Host Your Own Video HD Files = 100 MB or more May violate Acceptable User Policy .mp4 .ogv .webm Noise and Heat 1080p or 720p = Full Screen HD File High streaming bitrate 5,000-8,000 kbps May need to use expensive cooling systems to keep server running efficiently at all times https:// No easy upgrade or downgrade Security of the Home Network Because the server is open to the world, security and firewall rules need to be put in place, especially if credit card transactions are made through the site. To upgrade: You need to buy a new computer Buck Stops at your Desk Host Responsibilities · Securing the server - Auditing - Patching and updating the software - Intrusion prevention " Backing up and restoring data " Diagnosing problems - Maintaining hardware - Restarting the server when necessary Research into what Type of Hosting is Needed 1 Small - Medium = up to a few 1,000+ visitors per day - Compare specs, speed and processor - Minimum 512 RAM is best (small to medium) - Large websites require dedicated hosting - Know the difference of Linux and Windows servers - Linux is less expensive to buy and operate - More stable and secure than Windows FAQ Pages 24/7 SUPPORT Toll Free www 24-48 Hours Email Reply 11 Billion WEBSITES & BLOGS Seek Good Customer Service Over the last 15 years = Web Hosting is increasing Now we have = 35,000 Unique Web Hosts WEB SERVERS: 225 Million 95.6% DOMAINS BSD LINUX MICROSOFT Apache Uses Version 2 Open Source Software WEB HOSTING REVIES References:

The CONS of Hosting at Home

shared by shanemarks3 on Jul 18
You can easily host your site from your home, but is it significantly less expensive and can you truly cut costs? That is the question I get asked constantly from webmasters and the following handy in...


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