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Connect to Data Trapped in the Cloud with API Integration

CONNECT TO DATA TRAPPED IN THE CLOUD WITH API INTEGRATION APIS have been around since the year 2000. Today, there are thousands of APIS used for different purposes, ranging from system integrations and real-time data retrieval to enterprise system synchronizations and system upgrades. <012 THE RISE OF APIS: WHY DO BUSINESSES NEED THEM? Third-party integration tools use APIS to interact with enterprise backend systems to automate integration tasks, process business queries, and retrieve real-time data without manual intervention. There are currently over 23,000 searchable APIS on the Programmable Web. API 23,000 With about 30 billion devices connected to the internet 30 BILLION worldwide, APl integration is more important than ever. API API Facilitating communication between application and system software, API integration allows enterprises to access and leverage data trapped in cloud sources. By solving challenges related to connectivity, APl integration forms an integral part of business strategy. BUSINESS USE CASES FOR API INTEGRATION Healthcare APIS can be used to retrieve health data in real-time and clean it according to pre-defined rules to create a real-time dashboard to deliver updates, such as in the case of an on-going pandemic. Tcare Marketing Finance Businesses can integrate with marketing automation platforms like Marketo, HubSpot, etc. via APIS to extract leads data and consolidate it with sales data Banks can retrieve customer information using APIS of web portals and allow payment initiation. Mar inance present in Salesforce to create data-driven campaigns. ASTERA CENTERPRISE MAKES API INTEGRATION EASIER! Using APIS is not possible without proper integration. Astera Centerprise can take care of that! With single-step authentication, Astera Centerprise enables connectivity between REST APIS and on-premise enterprise systems, allowing your business to access and display relevant data from multiple sources - that too within a drag-and-drop environment. ASTERA enterprise 01 02 03 04 05 0100 0110 0100 110 圖 圖 REST Access REST APIS Connect with Other Clean Data Transform Data Load Data In Enterprise Systems a Database Leverage REST APIS to enhance connectivity and get access to the data trapped within the cloud sources! <01 Request a Demo REFERENCES Astera Enabling Data-Driven Innovation

Connect to Data Trapped in the Cloud with API Integration

shared by AsteraSoftware on Jul 13
Enterprises need to access and process large amounts of customer and transactional data to execute business processes. Today, a lot of this data is stored in cloud sources, making it difficult to acce...


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