Conducting faster forex trades

THE WORLD OF FOREX Forex is the biggest financial market in the world, with over $3.2 trillion traded each day. That makes the FX market approximately... Source: facts-and.html TO0- THE LOWDOWN ON LATENCY 4 times larger than world GDP Latency is the time difference between clicking to place an order and your order being Source: received. Although you can't eliminate latency completely, factors like your broadband speed 35 times larger than the NYSE can significantly decrease it. Source: The world's most traded currencies - % of trades involving currency O 0000 O000 84.9% USD | 39.1% EUR IT WITH ADVANTAGES A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like having Broadband speeds are measured in Mbps, 19.0% meaning megabits per second a server of your own, but it's actually hosted by a VPS provider serving a number of customers. When you connect your computer to a VPS you benefit from high speed internet connections and additional processing power, making it faster and more reliable than trading over your home broadband connection. However, a VPS JPY 1 megabit = 1 million bits or 1000 kilobits or 1/8 of a 12.9% GBP Latency is measured in milliseconds megabyte $1 7.6% 1 millisecond = 1/1000 of a second AUD may not be suitable for all traders and they can be expensive. 2012, source: CONDUCTING FASTER FOREX TRADES The UK is ranked No.12 in the world and No.7 in Europe for Average UK broadband speeds are steadily increasing, up 5.7Mbps in the last year: average broadband speed. Check out NOV 08 3.6 the countries in the global top 10: APR 09 4.1 Execution speed is essential when it comes to the fast-paced and volatile world of forex trading. MAY 10 5.2 Explore the pathways in our circuit board to find out more. NOV 10 6.2 3 4 5 MAY 11 6.8 NOV 11 7.6 00 SPEED 9.0 MAY 12 Every millisecond counts when it comes to forex 12.0 NOV 12 markets - using a VPS to execute your trades faster means you're less likely to lose money 9 10 14.7 6 7 8 MAY 13 through slippage. But don't forget VPS providers and their systems serve other users too, so speeds may still be affected at peak times. Mbps 15 LOCATION RELIABILITY Yearly increase to May 2013, Ofcom survey of fixed-line residential broadband speeds, source: 2240203198/UK-average-broadband-speed-rises Akamai "State of the Internet report (Q1 2013), source: www.ispreview. 1mbps-as-uk-tops-7-9mbps.html The data centres that house VPS systems are VPS systems are often located near to FX brokers, so trading via a VPS reduces latency in the same way as being built to survive everything from power outages to floods and fires. This is ideal if you want to physically closer to your broker. run trading algorithms without interruptions. Spread betting and CFD losses can exceed your deposits INCREASED SPEED WITH IG 000 AUTOMATED TRADING Running trading algorithms can be beneficial and speed up trading because: IG's web-based platform executes 99.54% of trades in 0.1 seconds or less. I It takes the emotion out of trading, making it easier IG globally, January 2013 - August 2013 to stick to your strategies and avoid hesitation - Orders are automatically generated as soon as your IG's free Google Chrome browser criteria are met, improving the entry speed extension allows you to quickly open positions from any page on the web. Although automated trading has lots of benefits, success is in no way guaranteed. Traders often make the mistake of over- optimising their algorithms to fit historical data, only to yield poor results against today's live markets. It's optimised for key financial and news websites, including: The Wall Street Journal Financial Times MarketWatch Bloomberg Reuters PERKS OF THE PLATFORM Here are some of the other ways you can use IG's ADVFN platform and apps to speed up your FX trading: - Create price alerts to notify you when markets move • Set up watchlists for the markets that interest you most ロロ - Trade directly from charts - Customise the platform to suit your trading style I Access 'tear-off prices, tickets and charts even when you've closed the main platform CREATING OPPORTUNITY CFDS | SPREAD BETTING | FX IG O. 0000 DO %2: 0000

Conducting faster forex trades

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Execution speed is important in the fast-paced and often volatile world of forex trading. Every millisecond counts, and having the right technology can be invaluable in reducing latency and helping yo...



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