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Components Of Running A Successful Data Center

Components of running a Successful Data Center Efficient and carefully calculated management is an essential part of any datacenter's success. With so much sensitive digital information and so many things that could go wrong, datacenters are micromanaged down to every application and piece of equipment they house, and laden with multiple back-up plans and machines which ensure the safety' of the company's data -- or at least minimize the damage quicklý and completely. Build Room Equipment vendors are... stacking testing new systems before they go into production configuring + Production Datacenter Monitoring A monitoring tool sends out 'pings' to each of 30,000 resources such as databases, applications, network devices O0:00-15 it manages them 24 hrs a day every 15 seconds. Failure to respond results in a degraded service condition report. four failures in a row results in a zero percent availability report - the resource is down. Redundancy and Disaster Recovery CLONE CLONE Redundancies and back-up provisions protect interruptions. CLONE CLONE CLONE CLONE CLONE CLONE CLONE CLONE If communications at one location are interrupted, a building in another datacenter becomes the failover site. Cabling beneath raised floor Storage Hundreds of hosts are connected to a group of storage frames throgh a storage area network (SAN), creating a large and efficient pool of shared storage. Temperature Sensing System Multiple sensors reporting high temperatūres usually means a problem with air conditioning, while one sensor typically indicates a single piece of equipment overheating Fire Suppression Earthquake Protection Two smoke sensors going off trigger a 30 sec countdown procedure in which lights flash Seismic isolation platforms cost Cisco nearly 1.5 mil, but minimize damage to 'little to none' for monstrous 8.3 quakes FM200, an environmentally and human friendly replace- ment for Halon, is dis- charged unless disables the alarm. technician Many of the storage frames have smal1 modem 6oxes next to them, which automatically calls the vendor if a device experiences a problem so that the vendor can dial directly through to the modem and diagnose the problem. The hosts are fastened to the upper plate with nylon straps. Two parabolic plates with a large bal1 bearing between them. The lower plate can move from side to side during an earthquake while the top one stays relatively still. Redundant Power Supplies Power Backup Cooling Options Example: SuperNAP Switch packs machines inside containers draw in cool air and shoot hot exhaust out of the building. a thermodynamic cycle called the M-Cyle brings in fresh air filters it Then uses a consists of several plates of a special plastic designed to wick water evenly on one side and transfer heat through the other side. It differs from a typičal evaporative cooler by never increasing the moisture content of the supply air. It provides cool air through indirect, or closed circuit evaporative cooling. Heat and Mass Exchanger (HMX) which The air is cooled and dried from a hot-humid condition to a step. This all happens in a fraction of a second. cold and dry condition all in one The DEVap uses 50 percent to 90 percent less energy than typical air conditioning by using salt solutions rather than refrigerants. Data Center Efficiency PUE, or Power Usage Effectiveness, is the ratio of total amount of power used by a computer data center facility to the power delivered' to computing equipment. PUE takes into account how power is used for all systems within the data center: cooling, power distribution, and other ancillary systems. Power is measured at the main utility transformer, mechani- cal switchgear, and miscellaneõus load panels. Measuring the input and outpūt power will also indicate effi- ciency of different electrical componentsı which becomes one more component in the over- all' determination of power efficiency. Climate, cooling system type, power distribution to- pology, and redundancy level (reliability, availabil- ity) will drive the power efficiency of these systems. When an analysis is performed to determine peak and annual energy use of' the facility, these interactions will become obvious. INFO GRAPHIC WORLD Wikibon

Components Of Running A Successful Data Center

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Efficient and carefully calculated management is an essential part of the datacenter. With so much sensitive digital information to manage and the various access points and parties involved, datacente...


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