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Comparison of the top 6 PHP frameworks

THE TOP PHP FRAMEWORKS COMPARISON OF THE TOP 6 VOTE ZE yii2 ZEND1 Codelgniter2 Symfony2 phalcon CakePHP OPULAR VOT Comes with rich features, co-opting the best from Rails. It is perfect for social networking and associated with making a switch. reduces development time significantly. Oldest of them all, it is popular as a legacy system. Difficulties Very clearly structured and well designed, it is a full stack framework with unlimited possibilities. Almost a micro-framework! Most modular and extensible, as well as the most complete in features. Comes with lots of inbuilt functionality. Any project - small, medium or large Any project - small, medium or large Any project - small, medium or large Best For Medium and large projects Large projects Small and medium projects Runs On laravel PHP 5.4 PHP 5.2 PHP 5.1 PHP 5.3 PHP 5.2 PHP 5.4 25.85% License New BSD New BSD MIT MIT MIT New BSD, AGPL Requires high knowledge of PHP5 and 00P, as well as awareness of design patterns PHP5, 00P PHP, 00P basics PHP, 0OP, ORM, Console PHP, 0OP, ability to sort out framework source code PHP Required Skills Difficult to learn -a steep learning Easy to learn Ease of Learning Easy to learn and manage; Time consuming Academically literate code Easy to learn Easy to learn curve Speed Fast Lightweight, easily customizable Agile, has a very small footprint Bloated and slow Has a reputation of being slow Super-fast Performance ** 123.5 Requests per second 103.2 results per second 187.78 requests per second 39.22 requests per second 54.97 requests per second 822.96 requests per second sitepoint Multiuser System Conditional Yes Conditional Conditional Yes - MYSQL - Apache Derby - JDBC Oracle - Microsoft BI MongoDB - Microsoft BI MYSQL MYSQL SQLite BM DB2 OrientDB IBM DB2 MYSQL NOSQL Oracle SQLite - PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL · Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Server 2005 - PostgreSQL DynamoDB GraphDB Microsoft BI MSSQL CouchDB - PostgreSQL MongoDB SQLite Databases Supported Oracle Oracle -GemFire Redis Firebird · MongoDB 16.73% · PostgreSQL - CUBRID Microsoft BI PostgreSQL -MongoDB Membase Memcached Oracle 7.62% - MYSQL MongoDB PostgreSQL - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SQLite MemcacheDB Oracle MariaDB - DBeaver Apache Jackrabbit -MemcacheDB Rigid Catalog Structure No No Yes Yes No Yes 7.62% 10.62% Official Internalization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Support DAO, Active Record, MVC, HMVC, Observer MVC, Dependency Injection, Adapter, Action Controller Active Record, MVC, HMVC, Chain of Responsibility Dependency Injection, MVC, Observer, Data Mapper, Domain Driven Design, HMVC, Restful Active Record, MVC, Event Driven ii phalcon Dependency injection, MVC, HMVC, Active-Record, Event-Driven Observer, Chain of responsibility Design Pattern Dependency Injection Container No Yes No Yes No Yes Has many code generator console applications Code Generators Yii CLI, Gii (web based) CLI CLI CLI CRUD, CLI Custom templates, smarty, twig PHP, Prado. Others such as Razor, Smarty, Twig using extensions Possible to integrate most templates PHP simple template such as Smarty PHP, Twig Volt - Phalcon's built-in template engine. Can add other templates like Smarty Template Libraries F Symfony2 Decent View System - WYSIWUG editor No WYSIWYG editor - has to be added as a plug-in View System (User Interface Elements) Does not offer in-built WYSIWUG editor Proper View System Does not provide in-built WYSIWYG Does not provide editor out-of-the-box WYSIWYG editor CodeIgniter Cache Storage Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Complexity in Installation Average High Low High Low Low and Adjustment Google TRENDS* Requires Additional Configuration and Settings Slightly Significantly Slightly Significantly Slightly No PHP FRAMEWORKS.COM Documentation and Excellent Comprehensive, Good Excellent Comprehensive Рoor Excellent yiiframework 134 VOTES V yiiframework 88 Samples Unit Tests for Source Code Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ZE ZEND FRAMEWORK Testing Library PHP Unit, Selenium PHP Unit PHPUnit PHP Unit PHP Unit PHP Unit Codelgniter 106 VOTES 47 Authentication, input validation access control, easy form validation and filtering, SQL security, CSRF protection, Session management security, XSS protection Password encryption, message encoding/decoding, XSS fitering, output filtering, SQL injection, session security, private controller methods Password hashing, SCRF protection. Also has lots of in-built security Authentication and role-based Authentication, dynamic encoding of Built-in tools for input validation, password, role based and stateless CSRF protection, Form tampering authorization, access control lists, 76 VOTES Security USPS protection, SQL injection prevention features. and XSS revention CakePHP Codelgniter ZE ZEND FRAMEWORK 70 VOTES f Symfony 4 Community Strong Strong and vibrant Active Forum, WikiTutorial, Blog Available Strong community support Active Community O0P = OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING • DAO = DATABASE ACTIVE OBJECT • MVC = MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER • CLI = COMMAND LINE INTERFAC • CSRF = CROSS SITE REQUEST FORGERY f Symfony 52 VOTES CakePHP ** Test conducted by 30 60 90 120 150 20 40 60 80 100 * 2013-END SURVEY Reference: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ISuyati" THE LUME INDEX OF

Comparison of the top 6 PHP frameworks

shared by suyati-technologies on Apr 19
Without knowing what features to compare and prioritize, choosing the right PHP framework can be a task. We have assembled a compact yet comprehensive comparison to help you choose between the top six...



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