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Color Theory: Power of Colors and its Impact on UI UX Design

SUIUX den Design the Ultimate COLOR THEORY : POWER OF COLORS AND ITS IMPACT ON UI UX DESIGN COLOR THEORY : ESSENTIAL RULES AND GUIDELINES DESIGNERS EMPLOY TO COMMUNICATE WITH USERS YOU CAN CLASSIFY COLORS IN DIFFERENT WAYS 1. PRIMARY COLORS 2. SECONDARY COLORS 3. TERTIARY COLORS Primary colors are " parent colors , " they can be formed with a combination of other colors , such as Red , Blue , and Yellow . They are created by combining the primary colors above and other colors like Orange , Purple , and Green . When a primary color is blended with a secondary color . The tertiary colors possess Magenta , Violet , Teal , Amber , and Chartreuse . THE ROLE OF COLOR IN UX DESIGN Emotion Colors evoke different emotions in people . For example , red is associated with passion ; blue can promote calmness . Branding Branding is the first thing every business must take into consideration . Take the iconic Coca - Cola logo , for instance- the brand has been using red since the beginning . Functionality Colors can be used to highlight a product's functional properties . For example , an enter button is generally green , whereas a cancel button would be in red . Aesthetics Colors are also used for aesthetic appeal . For example- UI designers use colors to make a beautiful design . Hierarchy When it comes to color hierarchy , colors are used to indicate importance or hierarchy . Bold color is generally used for a call - to - action button to make it stand out on a web page . [email protected]

Color Theory: Power of Colors and its Impact on UI UX Design

shared by uiuxden on Apr 25
In this blog we have dived deep into the principles of color theory and practical tips for applying them to your design projects. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just started, this blog is m...



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