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Cloud Computing in Southeast Asia

What is cloud computing and How can it help your business 66 Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Cloud computing helps businesses fight a quickly changing environment with flexibility. the .-...-..- benefits Eric Knorr and Galen Gruman of Infoworld all in one place email customer compatibility management calendar work Improved document format compatibility, no need to worry about different machines. almost limitless storage 500,000 X more capacity 100Pb 2200Gb instant software updates easier group collaboration third parties job to ensure you have everything when demand fluctuates the negatives security (7) limited Data is secured by the third parties that Some cloud applications currently are limited in tools and features compared to their disk loaded counterparts connection create the infrastructure such as Microsoft and Google which means data is also encrypted but the level of security is always a questioned concern Requires a constant internet connection to function well The Pyramid of the Cloud Software as a service Software application that is hosted by a vendor or service provider and delivered to clients via a web browser, app, or other cllent to multiple terants. (ex: Saas End User Platform as a service Paas Run your own applications in the cloud providers infrastructure. (ex: Google App Engine) App. Devolpers Iaas Infrastructure as a service > Network Architects An organization provides the infrastructure with their own servers and hardware which they own and maintain. (ex: Amazon Web services) USE EVER Hotmail Outlook Yahoo mail Gmail Y! Your email utilizes cloud computing Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas one of the first in the world to allow cloud computing in the financial services industry. 66 For smaller banks, this is a cost-effective way for them to store and manage their data without having to invest in infrastructure. dS BSP Deputy Governor BANGKO Nestor A. Espenilla Jr. Based on a study done by the Market Research Firm Vanson Bourne on 1300 businesses in the US and UK 66% Stated cloud computing reduced their IT Costs 56% Said it helped increase profits. 1300 59% Said cloud computing improved their disaster recovery and business agility $425,000US Cloud Computing Provides a Long Term Advantage The average annual savings for the 1300 companies of multiple industries using Cloud providers over previous IT platforms was 316,000 Euros or just over $425,000US Did you know? The Philippines registered the only positive mark in the 2012 "Cloud Readiness Index" which covered 14 Asian countries making it the lead adopter of Cloud applications 66 Increase your speed to market It's clear that BPOS, like a business in any other sector, need to be more agile...You also need to be able to launch new campaigns faster than your competitors. Cloud contact centre applications could deliver significant commercial benefits for many BPO companies in the Philippines. After all, success simply means keeping one step ahead of the competition. Toby Ellis of Did you know? The Philippines expects to boost its revenues from call centres to nearly 15 by 2016 sustaining its three-year lead BILLION Oover rival India 66 ( Our biggest challenge is inheriting and integrating the legacy systems, business processes and data centres of our acquired companies. Larry Matias, CIO of Jollibee Foods Corporation Jollibee Their online ordering system which easily hits over 200,000 orders a day is able to withstand 15-20% spikes in demand on rainy days thanks to the Clouds flexibility. Jollibee started hosting many of its business services on the Cloud in 2009 and haven't looked back. They currently use Amazon Web Services to adequately match the growth of the 7 different brands they acquired as well as the increasing number of Jollibee locations. 60% Your W email address... IBM 60% of Chief Information Officers ranked cloud computing as high priority in their visionary plans, up from 33% 33% [email protected] x [email protected] Make your emails "Business Grade" so they stand out in a sea of mail and still have all the perks of a connected cloud email system. 2009 2011 Did you know? Once Europe, Brazil, China, Canada and Indonesia have 80% of their businesses participating in cloud computing... 80% .the savings will equate to abating 4.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually or saving 25% of the total power that London uses currently. abating saving CO2 Sources littps:// http://www.infonworld.eom/d/doud-computing/what-loud-computing-reslly-mea-ogipio Itp://ipc philippines/cloud-computine-prns-nnd-cons-for-enl-sers/ a a 3/04/10/making-cloul-computing py a/ ecum.m/2012/1 12/10/ean-dond-technoligs belp-the-philippines-bpo-sectur-stay-abeal-of-ilu-nmpetitinn-in-20a ph-posts-lone-positive-mark-in-asinn-ckond-competing-surey/ etp://newsytesph/2013/09/0/p- http://thejourmal.enm/articles/2012/o1/o3/defining-the-diond.nepn 6-Types-of-Clond-Computing made by Payroll Hero. Find us on You Tube Optimizing work productivity with Happiness

Cloud Computing in Southeast Asia

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PayrollHero is your time attendance, scheduling and payroll solution built for web and mobile. We utilize cloud software and wanted to show the benefits available to all businesses that we serve and work with.


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