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Church and Technology

CHURCH & TECHNOLOGY TOP 4 REASONS FOR USING TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY GOALS FOR CHUACH MINISTRIES IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS 1 To enrich relationships/stay connected with members 2 To reach the online community o evolve with the congregation 4 To bring in new members Building or maintaining a church website 2 Communicating with the congregation electronically Doing research on the Internet 4 Develop virtual small groups/churches ISSUES WITH IMPLEMENT ING TECHNOLOGY QUICK STATS 30.6% Inadequate budget 32.5% Lack of volunteers VS 22.9% Lack technological know-how 54% of church leaders believe it's 35% becoming too 10.2% Acceptance by members do not discourage the use of technology at their church much about technology 53.5% My church doesn't refrain from using technology 1.9% My church has decided to avoid or limit the use of technology VS ABOUT THE CHURCHES 99% of churches use sound equipment of churches 12.7% discourage the use at their church of stage lighting VS 61% 25% 40% 40% average number of attendees is between is between 101-250 30% single worship service of churches median are multi- cultural age is 35-44 average number of attendees of church members 74% 21% discourage read the Bible electronically (ie. iPad, Blackberry) reading the Bible electronically (ie. iPad, Blackberry) years old 51-100 LIMITATIONS ON THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY 19.2% It can become too 6.6% 8.2% 11.5% Belief that 14% 13.6% 2.3% Theological problems regarding the use of technology limits real community or connections much about technology technology The use of technology has not been The use of There are 29.5% 7.9% technology goes against tradition more important things to focus on than the use of technology hindered at my church Technology takes the emotion out of worship Technology Other: privacy issue, size of church, seen as a distraction distracts people from worship This research is based upon an eleotranic survey oonducted by Tyndale University College & Seminary with a random sample of 368 ahurches of various denominations in Ontario (July 2011). Infograph designed by Dylan Royal.

Church and Technology

shared by bradhuss on Nov 23
Tyndale University College & Seminary conducted a survey in the summer of 2011 to see how Ontario churches are interacting with technology, and how they see it changing the church. Three hundred and s...


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