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Choose Your Perfect Digital Camera

Choose your perfect digital camera WHAT KIND OF SHOTS DO YOU LIKE TAKING? TAKEN ON A Nikon D90 Action shots 12.3 MEGAPIXELS Weight 0.62kg Sensor Resolution 12.3 Megapixel Screen 3 inch LCD Width 13.2 cm Depth Height 7.7 cm 10.3 cm Review by dooyoo member roktimdutta: 4 It is camera which has done justice to all lovers of photography and Nikon fans in particular. It has almost lived up to it's promise and more than satisfied Photo by joyride1x1 on Flickr all who has been eagerly waiting for it which was an almost foregone conclusion after Nikon D80 was launched exactly 2 years ago. To cap it all it is the first camera to support movie capture which must be accepted as a revolutionary but expected addition into the features of a DSLR. TAKEN ON A Samsung WP10 Water proof PERFECT FOR HOLIDAYS SAMSUNG Weight 0.12kg Sensor Resolution 12.2 Megapixel Screen 2.7 inch LCD Width Depth Height 9.38 cm 1.8 cm 6.1 cm Photo by Disco Suicide on Flickr TAKEN ON A Long distance Nikon D5000 CHANGABLE LENSES Weight 0.56 kg Sensor Resolution 12.3 Megapixel Screen 2.7 inch LCD Width 12.7 cm Depth Height 8 cm 10.4 cm Photo by Oscar Oglecki on Flickr Review by dooyoo member Lucius86: The camera can be classified as an entry-level DSLR, Portrait but the difference between this and a standard compact camera is huge - pictures are much more detailed, show colour off better, and become more 'alive'. It comes with the usual array of shooting modes for different lighting conditions and picture outputs, along with manual settings so you can control the aperture size, shutter speeds, manual focus and a myriad of many options that I do not understand to help create your perfect shot. Photo by stockerre on Flickr TAKEN ON A Zoom Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10 12x OPTICAL ZOOM Weight Sensor Resolution 0.5 kg 4.0 Megapixel Screen 2 inch LCD Width 13.9 cm Depth Height 10.6 cm 8.7 cm Review by dooyoo member wildtinsey: It is best described as a cross between a digital compact and a digital SLR. I say this because you have more control over the camera than you would with a point and shoot compact. It is only 4MB but Photo by zigazou76 on Flickr produces images as good if not better than a camera with greater pixels... It appeals to the passionate photographer as it has a leica lens therefore great image capture. TAKEN ON A Fujifilm FinePix X100 Night shooting RETRO DESIGN lili Weight 0.45kg 12 Megapixel Sensor Resolution Screen 2.7 inch LCD Width 12.5 cm Depth Height 5.4 cm 7.4 cm Photo by Strevo on Flickr TAKEN ON A Flash Canon Powershot G11 POWERFUL FLASH Weight 0.35 kg Sensor Resolution 10 Megapixel Screen 2.8 inch LCD Width 11.2 cm Depth Height 4.8 cm 7,6 cm Review by dooyoo community member Huomenna: 6 The canon powershot G11 is technically a compact camera and although it's quite a recent model (currently being replaced by the G12), it is alot chunkier than most modern compacts at roughly 2 inches thick. However this is because (generally speaking) it has a far greater number of functions than most other compacts. On the dooyoo website you can find all the current models and biggest brands with detailed specifications and you can compare prices and benefit from the insights of other dooyoo users. Photo by nickb_rock on Flickr dooypo © 2011 Dooyoo. Images sourced from Flickr's Camera Finder feature flickr More than prices Permission granted to copy, print and distribute in an unmodified form

Choose Your Perfect Digital Camera

shared by judithgold on Jan 24
What kind of pictures do you like taking? Choosing the right digital camera, depends on the types of pictures that you want to capture. This infographic is a guide to choosing the best digital camera.




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