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Cell Phones & Driving

Degrees Of Distraction CELL PHONES & DRIVING Audio Visual Manual Cognitive Takingyour hands Taking yourmind offthe wheel Noises that Takingyoureyes offthe rond distact you off the road Did You Know? Texting is the most dangerous distraction because it requires 3 of the primary de- grees of attention required to drive safely, visual, manual, and cognitive. 10:30 PM 1klerof Arveican teensis totsare sentorre ceived by the average American teenagerevery hourinamonth months in jal anda $750 fineisthe peraky for beingcmught toting and driving in the State of DEATHS 299 ted distracted diving 5474 people in the US. were killed in distracted re- Utah lated accidents in 2009. An Additional 448,000 were injured in motor vehide crashes that were reported to have involved distracted TTTT times more likely toget inanaccidentifyouuse acel phonewhile you out of 10teens say their parents worit folow throughon purishmentif they arecaughttexting and driving colisionsarecsedevery 10minutes becauseofcel phoneuse inthe US. Did you know that driving and using a cell phone, drive lelela or hand held device has the same effect as the legal blood alcohol limit of.08 percent? driving. peopledeevery day from accidents invclving percert of driversadmit todownkoading apsand wakching TVorvideos on their phones whilediving outof 10 teens say they've seendrivers distracted by cell phonesand other cel phoneuse 18% of all fatal accidents are caused by cell phone use. things The SMS Weather Channel More than one in four Americans People die every day from driving safe and. undistracted who download apps admit to using those apps while driving. Cali = Universal texting ban Created By The Chirstensen Law Firm Sources: = No texting ban /t/new-problem -apping-while-driving Texting ban on new drivers only - Texting ban on both new and school bus drivers only State Texting Laws %23

Cell Phones & Driving

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The Christensen Law Firm, a Utah based personal injury firm, has released startling statistics about America’s distracted driving habits in a new infographic, data displayed in visual format. Con...


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