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Cell-ebration! 40 Years of Cellphone History

....... CELL-EBRATION! A LOOK AT THE PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE OF THE MOBILE PHONE APRIL 3RD IS THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST CELL PHONE CALL EVER MADE. Though cellular phones weren't sold commercially for another decade, it was the historic call that got the ball rolling. Here, we take a look at the cell phone's humble beginnings, technological and financial evolution, and how it's come to be our most important tool. > THE FIRST CELL PHONES 1973 Mobile phone opportunities opened The first public wireless phone call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper up when the Federal Communications of Motorola. Walking along Sixth Commission approved the establishment of a mobile telephone Avenue in New York City, he called 1982 Joel Engel, head of research at system and allocated analog Cooper's rival, Bell Labs. frequencies for use by the network. THE PHONE COOPER USED: 1983 MOTOROLA DYNATAC 8000X $3,995* WEIGHT: 2.5 pounds LENGTH: 10 inches BATTERY LIFE: The following year, the first cell phone was sold to the public and really kicked things off. The Motorola DynaTAC 20 MIN. (nicknamed "The Brick"). 20 large buttons. A long rubber antenna. Martin Cooper BATTERY LIFE: 30 minutes; 10 hours of recharge THE RISE OF THE MOBILE MACHINES 30 MIN. Over the years, we've seen exponential increase in the cell phone's abilities, BEST REMEMBERED FOR: as its price continues to go down. Being the first commercial mobile Several attempts at fads didn't quite phone that wasn't for a car. catch on. Yet, with each new device, *Which would be more than the cell phone's evolution became $8,700 today with inflation. faster and more sleek. 1989 MOTOROLA MICROTAC Sinon $3,000 • IBM SIMON PERSONAL 1993 $899 BEST REMEMBERED FOR: COMMUNICATOR Being the first flip phone. BEST REMEMBERED FOR: 1998 Being the first cell to have smartphone capabilities. NOKIA 5110 BEST REMEMBERED FOR: MOTOROLA RAZR V3 The game Snake and colorful snap-on covers. 2004 BEST REMEMBERED FOR: TALK TIME: Being ultra-thin. 3 HRS TALK TIME: 7 HRS 2007 $499* APPLE IPHONE Expect to see these phones this year: BEST REMEMBERED FOR: Being a game changer. 9:10 *$499 for the 4GB and $599 for the 8GB. 2013 L TO R: BLACKBERRY ZIO, PANTECH DISCOVER, SONY XPERIA Z, LG NEXUS 5 CONSTANT CHECKING HOW IT'S SHAPED US 1 in 4 people checks his or her phone every 30 minutes. The cell phone has become a crucial tool in everyday life. 1 in 5 people checks his or her phone every 10 minutes. We depend on it for nearly everything electronic, and we often have trouble knowing what to do without it. These days, users rarely actually make calls from their phones. 16% 84% Of those, 80% reach for 4 in 5 smartphone owners check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. their phones before Make Send emails and text messages doing anything else. phone calls. or access social networks. CNN OBSERVED HOW THE IPHONE Smartphone adoption doesn't show any CHANGED AMERICANS' LIVES, AS IT: sign of stopping in the next decade. 222.4M USERS | 181.4M USERS Heralded a new way of interacting with computers. • Made 24/7 Internet access easily available. | 155.lM USERS · Created a "mini-economy" with apps. Revived the industry and led to "beefed-up" mobile devices. Brought attention to the conditions of electronics supply chains. 2012 2013 2017 *Percentage of United States 49.4%* 57.3% 67.8% population. DON'T EXPECT THE CELL PHONE'S POPULARITY TO SLOW DOWN. Mashable Created by SOURCES:,,,, COLUMN FIVE 0000 e00 e

Cell-ebration! 40 Years of Cellphone History

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The cellphone turned 40 on Wednesday, April 3. Its creator, Martin Cooper, 84, placed the first mobile phone call on the streets of New York City — he phoned his rival, Joel Engel, head of research ...


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