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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Text Message: History of the SMS

THE HISTORY O F THE SMS, otherwise known as Short Messaging Service, THE SMS celebrates its 20th Anniversary today. SMS is the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine, or IP address. The history of the SMS follows a rich series of innovative communications advancements that were all important pieces of what we call the modern short messaging service. AS TOLD BY Elements from morse code to the radio were essential in twilio creating how we communicate today. These are some of our favorite highlights from the history of the SMS. ANCIENT TIMES IN THE BEGINNING, people used visual signs like smoke signals to convey information across a distance. 1837 1792 PARIS SAMUEL F.B. MORSE COonducted the first CLAUDE CHAPPE set up Optical Telegraphs- across France, also known as Semaphore Telegraphs- successful experiment with an electrical recording telegraph, the precursor to Morse Code, setting the stage for short message communications. messages sent via mechanical signals like towers with large pivoting shutters. TOULOUSE 1857 The number 73 was sent in Morse Code to express “ love and kisses." ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL spoke into the world's first 1876 telephone and was heard on the other end of the line by his colleague, Thomas A. Watson. 73 MR. WATSON COME EHEREIWANT TO SEE YOU " Later updated to mean "best regards". In 1908 "love and kisses" was re-introduced as the number 88. 1898 NIKOLA TESLA demonstrated a radio- controlled boat in Madison Square Garden 1901 GUGLIELMO MARCONI sent a wireless message over 2,000 miles trans-atlantic from Poldhu, Cornwall to St. John's, Newfoundland; it was the Morse letter 'S' - three dots. that allowed secure communication between transmitter and receiver. 1930 Telephone customers in the US could speak by radio to a passenger on an ocean line on the Atlantic. then поw 27: $7.00 9340 .00 " l93 PER MINUTE PER MINUTE 1946 The first mobile telephone call was made from a phone set installed in a vehicle. THE EMOTICON IS BORN 1982 First posted on a message board at Carnegie Mellon by Professor Scott Fahiman. EMOTICON (N) any of several combinations of symbols used in electronic mail and text messaging to indicate the state of mind of the writer. :-) 1973 THE 2.5 LB CELL PHONE WESTERN STYLE JAPANESE STYLE Motorola placed the first mobile telephone call from a prototype :) <3 (^_^) : ( :P (-_-) o_0 of a handheld device. ;) XD FRIEDHEL M HILLEBRAND & BERNARD GHILLEBAERT of the Franco-German GSM cooperation invented the initial concept of the SMS. In order to fit into existing signaling formats, messages were limited to 128 bytes. 1984 1983 THE $3,995 CELL PHONE, the DynaTAC 8000x from Motorola MERRY GSAN CHRISTMAS went on sale as the the first cell phone for consumers, equivalent to about $10k today. 1992 MERRY CHRISTMAS THE FIRST SMS IS SENT by Neil Papworth. He sent holiday greetings over the Vodafone GSM network in the United Kingdom from a personal computer. Richard Jarvis received the message on an Orbitel 901 handset. 2000 2003 2003 THE FIRST MOBILE NEWS THE SHORT CODE AMERICAN IDOL partnered with AT&T, introduces voting via text SERVICE was delivered via was introduced for text message marketing. Short codes are short phone numbers used to send large quantities of messages. SMS In Finland. message. Breaking 7.5 MILLION text messages were sent during Season 2 in 2004. 2009 WORLD'S FASTEST THE TIME TEXT MESSAGE Sonja Kristianes of Norway secures a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records for fastest text typed message. The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality, they seldom attack a human. 00:37.28 In 2009, during Season 8, SEC 178 MILLION texts were sent. 2010 TODAY CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY adds DECEMBER 3, 2012 "text" as a verb, meaning to send a The text message turns text message. 20 years old. 20 text (verb) Definition to send someone a text message I texted her to arrange a time to meet. O twilio CITATIONS AVAILABLE HERE:

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Text Message: History of the SMS

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From sharing our favorite emojis to reaching millions in just one text message, SMS is something we couldn’t imagine communications without. Today we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of ...




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