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The CE Mark

THE CE MARK CE Ever wondered what this symbol means? You probably see this sign multiple times a day. But what does it mean? First, We Need To Understand A Bit About EMC.. EMC is an acronym for 'Electro Magnetic Compatibility'. Put simply, it means that any electrical device will work as intended without interfering with any other devices; they're compatible. It's the reason you can use your TV and games console simultaneously without either acting funny. WHY IS EMC IMPORTANT? You know when you're listening to the radio and your mobile phone signal interferes with the reception? ((.) Imagine that happened every time you used any two electrical appliances in close proximity – that's exactly why EMC is important! WHAT GIVES OFF ELECTROMAGNETIC EMISSIONS? All electronic items give off electromagnetic emissions, but the effects vary dramatically. While a slight interference with a radio broadcast can be irritating, the same interference with a pacemaker or other medical equipment can be life-threatening. That's why it's recommended you turn off your phone on aeroplanes or in hospitals. WHAT CAUSES ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY? EMC can affect all electrical products, from washing machines to fighter jets. There Are 3 Main Strands To The Problem: SOURCE 1 This generates unwanted electromagnetic energy. Examples: Anything from a mobile phone to lightning strike. CONDUIT 2 Picks up the unwanted energy and channels it. Examples: Antennas and power lines. RECEIVER 3 The item that is affected by electromagnetic energy. Examples: A video display or a speaker. The problem of EMC can be eliminated by identifying these elements and inhibiting at least one of them. THE EMC DIRECTIVE In the 1980s – The European Union (EU) adopted an EMC Directive that places a legal requirement on emissions on apparatus intended for the general population. Today, every product's reliability depends upon EMC. Al aspects of the problem must be evaluated during the design and manufacturing stages of all electronic items. Back Тo The CE Mark... The problem of EMC hasn't yet been eliminated fully, but if an appliance carries the CE mark this is a good indication that the risk has been minimised. WHAT DOES THE CE MARK MEAN ON PRODUCTS? Literally, it means: 'Conformité Européenne' The CE mark indicates that a product complies with European Union (EU) health, safety and environmental regulations. It indicates that they can legally be sold within the European Economic Area. The CE mark is needed on a range of products such as... Medical Devices Electrical Equipment CE Mobile Toys Phones ..and a host of other things in between. USE OF THE CE MARK CE markings can only be placed on a product by the manufacturer or its authorised representative. CE Although it's not a safety guarantee, with more than 20 directives setting out the product categories requiring CE marking, you can be relatively sure a product carrying the CE mark is safe to use. CONCLUSION So there you have it! If you look carefully, you’ll begin to see the CE mark everywhere throughout your day. O mcs test equipment

The CE Mark

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On consumer and business electrical equipment, everyone has seen the 'CE' mark (if they live within the EU that is), but nobody really knows what it stands for or what it means. Hopefully after 'read...


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