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CDNs Won't Improve SEO Unless...

CDNS improve SEOunles.. unless... Thinking of using CDN to improve your page-load speeds and your SEO rankings? You may need to think again. 0,7 0.6 New research from MOZ & zOompf 0.5 shows that as far as SEO goes 0.4 0.3 0.2 (Time to First Byte) is the only performance metric that matters. 0.1 TTFB 9 13 17 21 25 29 33 SEARCH RANK POSITION Now ask yourself: Are you using the right tool for the job? First you should know that TTFB consists of: Processing Time Network Time The time it takes to generate The time it takes for the HTML the HTML on your server to reach the visitor's browser And Processing Time usually outweighs Network Time by a 9:1 90% 10% This makes sense because HTML processing tasks rely on slow resources like: Hard Drives Data Applications Bases Templates While most networking tasks rely on Speed-of-Light Internet connections. This is also why HTML, despite its small file size, takes the longest to load 1.5s 1.5 0.13s 0.4s 0.1s 0.5 HTML Javascript Images CSS Coming back to CDN.... CDNS are good for improving networking speeds. But unless they also speed up your processing, they will do very little for TTFB and SEO. In fact, by adding another point of contact, they may even do more harm than good. Your server CDN Proxy Visitor In Theory cDN caching should optimize HTML delivery. In Reality most HTML files are marked as dynamic and } Cache-Control: traditional CDNS don't really know how to deal with that. Max-Age = 0 Today modern caching technologies help solve this problem Using intelligent learning algorithms, CDNS are now able to cache the un-cacheable HTML objects. By doing so, they are able to deliver HTML directly from proxy, bring- ing the processing time down to zero. No CDN CDN: Compression CDN: Compression + Dynamic Caching Processing Time Proxy Network Time Server Network Time THE To improve TTFB and SEO you need to cut down BOTTOM on your processing time. LINE CDNS won't help you do that, unless they are able to cache your dynamic HTML Brought to you by Incapsula Website Security and Acceleration www. TIME (SECONDS)

CDNs Won't Improve SEO Unless...

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Recent study shows that when it comes to SEO, Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the only performance factor that really matters. Moz researchers suggest using CDN to improve this metric, but this isn't alw...



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