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Casting a Light on Shadow IT

CASTING A LIGHT ON SHADOW IT YOU MAY NOT BE FAMILIAR WITH THE TERM, but chances are Shadow IT is happening right now at your company. No longer content waiting for their companies' IT help. today's employees are taking action into their own hands by finding and using their own technology to solve work challenges as they arise-a trend that likely isn't fading into the shadows anytime soon. SLINKING INTO THE SHADOW Today's tech-savvy employees are self-reliant and seek immediate results. Three forces drive workers Today's employees like having control over the to take Shadow IT action: applications they use and know how to find apps to suit their needs. Trying to fight them proves an uphill battle. GREATER TECH KNOWLEDGE PRESSURE PERSONAL TO PRODUCE PREFERENCES SHEDDING LIGHT According to Gartner, Inc., total technology spending outside of IT is expected to rise by the end of the decade. 90% 35% 38% 33% of workers admit to subverting their organizations' security of people admit to using covert cloud technology of covert cloud users who took non-sanctioned methods claimed they did so to avoid their organizations' IT departments because they did not believe the protocols to get the job done. to save time. solution was available internally, or 20% did not want to deal with their companies' IT departments. 2011 2020 TOP PERSONAL APPS USED IN THE WORKPLACE: GOOGLE APPLE DROPBOX MAIL CLOUD SEIZING THIS OPPORTUNITY SHADOW IT IS PERSONALIZED IT. Upon bringing this trend into the light, organizations will discover the advantages of enhanced employee initiative, productivity, and satisfaction far outweighs the security risks. Not to mention the opportunity to position IT to its internal clients as a business partner and source of technological expertise, rather than just a provider of 00 services. More input on what tools employees use can translate into greater control of the IT budget. BUSINESS STAKEHOLDERS IT RETHINK THE POSSIBILITIES Rather than fighting a losing battle against Shadow IT, find ways to make it work for you. RECOGNIZE THE POSITIVE. PROVIDE THE FLEXIBILITY. MEASURE THE Your clients are telling you what they need to do their jobs. With this knowledge, you Rather than leaving the personal IT to BENEFITS. your employees, manage it in a suitable Replicate success across your can guide them to the best workplace tools. and secure way for your business. enterprise. MANAGING SHADOW IT: GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER # 1 # 2 SET A POLICY. ASSESS YOUR IT. Develop a consistent position on Evaluate your business's Shadow IT adoption. The policy technology from the network down to the apps you support, and should ensure security and establish boundaries without too determine how personalized IT fits. much restriction. # 3 . # 4 GET MANAGEMENT ON BOARD. Personalized IT helps simplify employees' jobs, but with so many apps built to interface, the DEVELOP A SUPPORT STRATEGY. Determine ways to add value to employees' technology choices. Get assistance with quick setup and environment can be complex. Once service provisioning, then maintain your cloud is up, keeping it under control is critical. Take steps to maximum performance levels manage your IT before it starts managing you. THERE'S NO NEED TO FEAR THE DARK. vmware BRING YOUR COMPANY'S IT INTO THE LIGHT FOR GOOD. ....

Casting a Light on Shadow IT

shared by VMwaremgmt on May 06
You may not be familiar with the term, but chances are Shadow IT is happening right now at your company. No longer content waiting for their companies' IT help, today's employees are taking action int...




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