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Canon vs. Nikon presents When it comes to serious photography, you're either Canon or Nikon. There simply is no 'little bit of both'. But who delivers the best cameras? To determine that, we put both manufacturers in the ring and let the cold, hard facts do the talking. In the left corner we have Canon, in the right corner Nikon. Which one is the best? Let's get ready to rumble! CANON VS NIKON august 10 I 1937 Established july 25 | 1910 197.386 Employees 26.125 Öka I Tokyo Japan Tsuneji Uchida President Makoto Kimura "Hansa Canon' I 1934 First camera Nikon I| 1948 HQ Shinjuku I Tokyo Japan You can Tagline At the heart of the image ROUND ONE What the experts say: Experts worldwide reviewed Canon and Nikon dslrs. We checked all the reviews and calculated an average score. A close round, but over the years Canon has got a slight advantage with the experts. 10 Canon Nikon 9,5 8,6 1 7,5 2006 2008 2009 2010 2011 2007 18.1 82 Best dslr: Canon EOS 60D Best dslr: Nikon D7000 Ratings are an aerage of 732 scores given by experts from offline media such as Consumer Choice, Ere Numérique, What Digital Camera, CHIP Test B Kaut, FOCUS and online outlets such as, TechRadarcom and 101 ratings are from the last 12 months. ROUND TWO What the users say: The users have spoken. Hundreds of them rated their Nikon or Canon dslr. We've collected those ratings. Nikon is the crowd- pleaser and wins this round. Nikon 1 Canon 1 9,5 Avg. 93 Avg. 9,0 8,5 7,5 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Ratings are an average of 904 scores given by users, 108 ratings are ROUND THREE What about the compact cameras? Well, what about them? Lots of opinions and ratings from both experts and users. Canon is delivering some nasty blows this round. 10 9,5 Canon users 8,5 Nikon users 8. Canon experts 1 7,5 Nikon Experts 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2006 7.9 77 Best compact: Canon 220HS Best compact: Nikon P7000 Ratings are an average of 1984 expert ratings and 3413 user-ratings 304 expert ratings and 317 user ratings are from the last 12 months. ROUND FOUR Most popular: There's no point in making great cameras if people aren't actually using them. Every second a lot of pictures are posted online. Most of them taken with... a Nikon camera. Great comeback! Canon Eos 450D Apple iPhone 4 Nikon D90 Canon Eos 500D Canon Eos 50 Mark FINAL ROUND Who makes the most? Being appreciated for the quality of your gear is nice, but in the end it's all about the money, right? Who sells the most cameras, who makes the most money? There's a clear winner here. This could be the knockout. 2008 The t Nikon Canon 12.1 billion 4.8 billion Canon euro on cameras euro on cameras 2,1 billion 7.9 billion euro on dslrs Nikon 3 euro on dslrs 2010 Nikon The st Canon 11.5 billion Sony 4.8 billion Canon euro on cameras euro on cameras 8.1 billion euro on dslrs 1.9 billion euro on dslrs Nikon Sales are reported in Japenese Yen, curently 0,00827 euro's. Figures cover ful fiscal years, not calender years AND THE WINNER IS... Hands in the air for Canon. Nikon put up a strong fight and gained the appreciation of the users. But in the last round, Canon hit back with some impressive sales figures. Let's call it a technical knockout. This fight may be over but the rivalry isn't. CHAMPIO 3 CANON 12 FARERA BESTE Presented by, designed by Sources: | | Nikon Annual reports Canon annual reports | Marketshares by IDC, via | Sales fgures covar fscal yaars

Canon vs. Nikon

shared by Spijkermat on Jul 22
Which company makes the best cameras and dslrs? Canon or Nikon? Ask any photographer, and you’ll hear the name of whatever brand they have in their camerabag. Time to take a step back and look at th...


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