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Canon 500D Lens Comparison

CANON 500D LENS COMPARISON I Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1/3.5-5.6 IS I Tamron 28-75mm t/2.8 XR DI Canon-ef I Canon EF-S 18-200mm 1/3.5-5.6 IS I Canon 85mm 1/1.8 EF USM I Tamron SP 90mm t/2.8 DI Macro Canon-ef an intograghic by Napassawan Udomkarnpaisarn This infographic quides Canon S000 OSLR camera uners te some of the basic lenses accerding to different eriterion. These oriterion are price, leng, weight, aperture and foc length. Please note that the prices are in tha Baht, and they can vary according to where the lenses are sold. Widest Aperture Smallest Aperture Price This is the widest aperture the lens sweports 2oomed in lat the teleghot end of the fecal lengrh ranoel Wider pertures bke 2oture more lght enubngo tevod ur by vng afater shuter speed and atso provide you with ashallow deph of feld to blur the background, for eample This is the narrewest aperture the lens supperts zoomed in lat the telephote end of the fecal length rangel. Narrow apertures ke 22 give you arey large depth of field, enabing you getamost everything in the image in focus, and also o you to shoot in really bright condtions with slower shutter speeds 10,000 Bahe is a good starter for an all-areund lens. Anything cheaper is typically a kit lens, er a lens that comes with the bod facamera whe fest boughtnda et reemmended ide aperture are more expensive in general, as wllas telephoto lenses or lenses with a long focal length extra lens to ad un to thecetiecton te 3,500 THB 13,200 THB 15.000 THB 13,800 THB 1/1.8 1/2.8 1/2.8 /5.6 1/5.6 1/22 1/22 1/22 1/32 1/32 23,900 THE p00 Is000 18.000 21.000 124,000 Size Focal Length Length refers a hew lang a lens is, teleghono lenses with a lot of soom are typically quite tong, lens around Somm tend to be he shortest, and wide angle lenses can be somewhat long too. Generalx the shorter the lens, the better itis Apart from the fact that shorter lenses are light weight, longer lenses are more dficult to get passed the secunity at most places, events and concerts. Smaller focal lenghs such as 18mm give you a really wide angle of view, alowing you to take pictures that of large subjects even if you're close tthem, while long focal lengths such as 200mm let you take ciose up pictures of things ar ay from you, for eample animals en satari, or people in the distance. Longer focal lengths also tend to increase the chance of a blurry photo because they magnity any movement from your hands called hand shake. Arle of thumbis to use a shutter speed at least ecal-ength to avoid blur, for example with a 200mm lens you should use at least 200s shutter speed. Numbers in bracket indicate a0om range Lengh m 18 - 55 mm (3.1x) 102 97 92 28 - 75 mm (2.7x) 18 - 200 mm (11.1x) 71 70 85 mm (1x) 90 mm (1x) Weight ig 600 200 405 422 500 Image Stabilization Auto Focus Focus Motor Manylenses that have bult in image stabitiation which reduces blur irem hand-shake. This means you can ke pctures of sit subjects much tess tight lwth stower shutler speedsl. mage stabtaaton is especially important when you're shooting in low ligh, andor with long teleghoto lenses Modern lenses can fecus automatically based on what you're taking a picture of. Older lenses, or specuzed tenses often don't have the capabty lo omaticay focv, this means you have to focus the lens yourset by turning the focus ring unt you believe the image is in focus Lenses that have a built in foeusmetor tend te fecus faster and more quietly. Lenses without a focus moter rety on a fecus meter buit into the camera body Canon IS None Canon IS None Yes Yes Yes Yes None None Canon USM None

Canon 500D Lens Comparison

shared by npswdd on Mar 11
An infographic poster about 5 different Canon 500D lenses - a project under the Studio in Time-based and Sound Design class at the International Program in Communication Design, Chulalongkorn Universi...




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