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Can You Trust The Cloud ?

CAN YOU TRUST THE CLOUD? Today, cloud computing is all the rage in the business world. But, what exactly is the cloud? The cloud is where you can store your mission critical information and data, as well as purchase software applications on demand. In other words, you outsource all of your IT assets to a trusted third party, such as Internet Service Provider. But trust is key in knowing that your cloud based infrastructure is safe. However, this is far from the truth, as exemplified by the following facts and figures: #1 For all businesses that use the cloud, the #1 concern is that of security Surprisingly, not many businesses have faith in the level of cloud security which their ISP offers to 9% of businesses rate their cloud security as excellent. them, for example: 73% 18% An overwhelming 73% of businesses rate their cloud security as fair to poor. 18% of businesses rate their cloud security as good. 73% 91% 73% of businesses have the false sense that 91% of businesses feel that there are vulnerable to a cloud the cloud server firewall protection offered by their ISP will protect them; security attack on their applications. 75% 42% The use of employee owned Smartphones (which occurs in about 75%) is also a major source of cloud security breaches. 42% of all cloud security breaches occur because of an open port. 42% 54% ..... .. Over half (54%) of the IT staff within their place of business have no knowledge or clue about the risk that open port can pose to their cloud based applications. 42% of business cloud custom- ers would not know if a security breach occurred onto their cloud based applications. 855 174 million So far in 2014, there have been over 855 cloud security breaches, of which, the following were compromised. 174 million customer records were compromised. 90% ..... .. By the year 2020, business data which resides in the cloud will need to be protected by a factor of almost 90. Cloud cyberhackers produce on average of 2 new security breaches every second. 170,000 11,000 With each passing day, the chances increase by 170,000 that a serious cloud based, data security breach will actually occur. By 2020, it is expected that 11,000 terabytes of data will reside in the cloud - thus making cloud security a top priority. 0123 4567 8912 3456 Name Lest name 1,000 $1.00 1,000 breached Facebook accounts can be sold for as little as $75. For as low as $1.00, stolen credit card information from the cloud can be purchased on the black market. 20% INTERNET SERVICE ..... Only 20% of businesses have deployed a cloud security plan to protect their applications. In a recent survey, only 3 Internet Service Providers outperformed others in terms of speed, performance, and most importantly, security. CLOUD SECURITY PROTECTION ARE REAL TO THE CUSTOMER. FOR EXAMPLE: 61% 75% .... ...... 61% of businesses state that cloud data theft and cybercrime in general are real to them, and fear the negative effects on their brand and their reputation. 75% of businesses fear the cloud security risks their ISP takes (also fear it will impair their brand and reputation). OTHER RECENT TYPES/KINDS OF CLOUD SECURITY BREACHES ALSO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING (2011 DATA): 174 million $5.5 million $194.00 174 million records were The damage was great - there was an The dollar value of each compromised average loss of $5.5 million for each affected business. compromised. record was on average $194.00. 94% 90% 94% of cloud security breaches involved targeting a particular server. 90% of IT staff within their place of business are concerned about their lack of ability to implement could security governance and compliance plan. SONY 400,000 inY! Over 400,000 records were stolen from Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Sony cloud based accounts (2012 data). 60% Only 60% of businesses utilize an encryption/tokenization security protocol for trying to protect their information and data in the cloud. 88% Only 88% of businesses surveyed have moderate or very little usage of the cloud, due to security concerns. HERE IS A BREAKDOWN OF THE TYPES AND 58% KINDS OF INFORMATION/DATA OF WHAT BUSI- NESSES WILL NOT PUT INTO THE CLOUD: 58% of businesses will not put their confidential company information and data into the cloud. 48% 48% of businesses will not put their intellectual property or other types assets into the cloud. 43% .... .... 43% of businesses will not store employee HR files into the cloud. 55% 51% 55% of businesses also claim that cloud security issues are more critical today than ever before. .... ...... 51% of businesses say that storing information and data in the cloud is a serious concern for them. SOURCE

Can You Trust The Cloud ?

shared by AkrimRed on Mar 12
Feeling a little insecure about the cloud ? You’re not alone. According to the numbers found in the infographic featured here, a lot of businesses feel that their cloud security isn’t up to par, a...




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