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Can We Harness Human Energy?

TECH FORA HUMAN-POWERED FUTURE CAN WE HARNESS HUMAN ENERGY? ELECTROMECHANICAL GENERATING ELECTRICITY FROM BREATHING SO100 AIRE, a concept mask that converts wind energy -provided by the wearer's breath-into electricity that can 010010 L0100101 PACEMAKER POWERED BY 0101 1010 0100 PIEZOELECTRIC ENERGY HARVESTING 0101 recharge small electric devices0100101001 0101010010 1001010101 101010101 101010 o Transforming mechanical energy into electricity from heart beats, low-powered cardiac pacemakers may someday replace battery-powered devices ALERT ELECTROMECHANICAL BLOOD SUGAR ENERGY HARVESTING Biofuel cells use blood sugars to generate power that could one day replace traditional batteries in heart monitors and pacemakers PIEZOELECTRIC ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES (PROSTHETICS) The Biomimetics THERMOELECTRIC THERMOELECTRIC FABRIC PYROELECTRIC MATERIALS Laboratory at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute is harvesting latent energy from human motion to power artificial muscles made from stretchy rubber Tiny carbon nanotubes locked into flexible plastic fibers use temperature differences between room and body to create electric charge PIEZOELECTRIC FLOOR TILES THAT GENERATE ELECTRICITY ELECTRODYNAMIC FROM FOOTSTEPS WEARABLE HUMAN MOTION ENERGY The technology converts footstep kinetic energy to electricity that can power lighting or be stored and used for HARVESTER Flat, spiral-shaped coils & a rectangular magnet can be worn on clothing to generate electricity during natural human motion a variety of applications INNOVATIVEENERGY HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY Electromechanical Generators Electromechanical generators are devices that carry out electrical operations by using moving parts. Wind turbines are great examples of machines that convert mechanical energy into electricity. Electrodynamic Energy Converter Electrodynamic energy converters capture the energy generated by the interactions between coils and permanent magnets. Used in variety of itemswhich move relative to one another. Thermoelectric A Thermoelectric energy – harvesting system uses any temperature difference between two surfaces to convert it into usable energy – a phenomenon known as "the thermoelectric effect." Piezoelectric Electric charge accumulates in some solid materials like crystals, some ceramics, and even biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins when mechanical stress is applied. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure. HUMANS EXPEND MORE THAN 10 MILLION JOULES OF ENERGY JUST WALKING AROUND THE EQUIVALENT OF AROUND... 800 AA BATTERIES VERAGE ADULT HAS AS MUCH ENERGY STORED IN FAT AS A ONE-TON BATTERY CHALLENGES WE FACE TECHNOLOGY MUST Harvest as much energy as possible without impeding natural body functions Not increase the amount of energy required by a person to perform activities $5 B ENERGY HARVESTING MARKET GROWTH PROJECTION $700 million was spent on energy harvesting in 2011 rising to just under $5 billion in 2022 $1B. 2011 2022 WHAT CAN HUMANS POWER THROUGH CYCLING 30 Seconds Play MP3 Player for 1 Hour 4 Minutes Power Wrist Watch For Life Fully Charge An Average Cell Phone OLO 20 Minutes Gain Extra 15 Minutes Of Laptop Use OLO1 Hour JABIL Jabil's unique combination of global expertise, ingenuity, analytics and financial performance has contributed to the success of the world's most well known brands. We help companies design, build and take their products to market quickly, affordably and efficiently. But more than that, Jabil helps customers intelligently design their supply chains to be agile, economical and effective even in uncertain times. www.JABIL.COM SOURCES: arly-5-kw%C2%B7 h-clean-energy

Can We Harness Human Energy?

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Tech for a human-powered future. Innovative human energy harvesting technology.




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