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Can Email Really Be Safe?

TM HENCRYPTICS Can Email Really Be Safe? In today's data-driven world, email is as pervasive as morning cup of coffee. Each day, email mobilizes remote workforces and empowers global business. As a testament to its business value, 78% of acompany'sintellectual property (IP)iscontained inemail and messaging systems.Sending information anywhere in the world at the click of a button is quick and convenient-but is it safe? - 78% of a company's intellectual property (IP) is contained in email and messaging 78% systems. "As soon as you hit send, your information is 'up for grabs' in cyberspace." 10101010101010. 0010101010100101 10101010101010010 01001010101010010 0100101o/ 01010 Although your email may arrive in your recipient's inbox just seconds after sending, your message actually makes several stops along the way where it can be copied and/ or stored indefinitely. Simply put, as soon as you hit send, your information is "up for grabs" in cyberspace. 01010 10100 101010010101 '01010101001010101010 011010101 001010100101010101010 010100101001 101010101010101101010 10100101010101010010101 T'010101010010101010100 o101010101010101011010101 001010100101010101010 b1010010010101010100101001 1010101010101011010101 01010010101011010101101010101001010100101010101010010 b0101010101010100101010 b1010101 10101001010101010010: 101010101010100101 10101001010101010: 010101010101010 01010101 01001010 L0101 10010 010101010 L0010101 1010101 0101010100101010101001010101 01010010101O: 1010101010 0101 010 010101010010101 0100101010101010 001010010 01010 01001 10101 01010 011010101 001010100101010 LO01 1010101 010101010010101001010101010 L00101001010101 1010101 101010 01001010101 10101010110101010100101010 10010100 L010101 10101 01010010100 010 10100 10101 101001010 1010101010010100101 01010101 Your Device Your Email Provider Recipient's Email Provider Recipient's Device "Encryptics technology wraps your email message in asecure .SAFE package to ensure that your data is protected before it leaves your device." l01010101010001010111010100101 101010101010001010101000101010101001 0101010100101010 p0010101 0100101010 10001 010101 01001010101001010101010100010101010001010101010010010 01001010101001010101010100010 0101010101011010100010101 10101010 010001010101010010010 10101001010101010100 Security specialists at Encryptics acknowledge email as an imperfect system, ripe with vulnerabilities. But b0010101010001010101 rather than work to improve email as a L0101010001010100101 whole, the Encryptics team developed a way to secure the data itself-before it ever enters the email channel. This approach provides true end-to- 00010101010001010101 end protection that bypasses all the D0010101010001010101 potential security gaps and points of b0010101010001010101 01000101011101010010101010010101010101000101010100010101010100100101010101010010101010010101 101010 10001010111010100101010 010101 01010001010101010010 01010101001 101110101010101010101 0101010010 failure inherent in e-mail. This means 00010101010001010101 your corporate IP and other valuable data kept safe, nomatter where they go. SAFE

Can Email Really Be Safe?

shared by lavanmaddox on Feb 10
Can Email Really Be Safe? is a freelance project from a company named "Encryptics". The Graphic illustrates the life path of an email. It shows how your data is vulnerable in email channels unless se...


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