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The Business of YouTube

THE BUSINESS OF YouTube Since its creation in 2007, YouTube has seen exponential growth, and the site shows no signs that its popularity is waning. With more than 1 billion unique visitors a month, YouTube has become a moneymaker for those who know how to cash in. ONLINE VIDEO AS OF JANUARY 2014 190 75.6 MILLION MILLION Americans videos watched online. (61%) That's approximately of the population. YOUTUBE SITE TRAFFIC EVERY MONTH' EVERY DAY EVERY MINUTE' 0000 3x BILLION unique visitors INCREASE in users subscribing senosens 100 BILLION hours of 4x HOURS video watched of video are uploaded to YouTube INCREASE in channel follows THAT'S NEARLY 4c HOUR for every person on Earth. BILLION videos are viewed worldwide" WHO'S WATCHING 60% of a user's views come from ABOUT outside their home country. YOUTUBE IS LOCALIZED IN AVAILABLE IN 75 61 COUNTRIES LANGUAGES 35M 30M 34.7M FEMALE VIEWERS' 62%) OF ALL MEN, 18-24, ARE ON YOUTUBE 25M 27.9M MALE VIEWERS' 20M 15M 10M OM OF ALL WOMEN, 55%) 18-24, ARE ON YOUTUBE AGES 18-24 YouTube reaches more U.S. adults, 18-34, than any cable network. 25M 20M 21.6M 15M- TEEN VIEWERS' (54%) OF ALL TEENS ARE ON YOUTUBE 10M- OM YouTube personalities are more recognizable to U.S. teens than mainstream celebrities. Teens find YouTube personalities to be more: D Intimate D Relatable DAuthentic YOUTUBE PARTNER PROGRAM The YouTube Partner Program allows users to monetize content on YouTube through paid advertising, subscriptions and merchandise. Users also can take advantage of resources, features and programs that YouTube provides. The Partner Program was created in 2007 and now, more than 1 MILLION CREATORS from more than 30 COUNTRIES around the world earn money from their YouTube videos. MONETIZATION SKIP $4 (75%) YouTube has more than THOUSANDS OF ADVERTISERS are using True View in-stream and 75% of in-stream ads A MILLION ADVERTISERS using Google ad platforms, the majority of which are small businesses. are now skippable. Top Channels Based on Subscribers OM 5M 10M 15M 20M 25M 30M 35M PewDlePle 34.8M YouTube 22.7M holasoygerman 21.3M smosh 19.8M RlhannaVEVO 15.5M OneDirectlonVEVO 15.3M KatyPerryVEVo 15.1M JennaMarbles 14.7M EminemVEVo 14.7M nigahlga 13.8M SUBSCRIPTION NUMBERS AS OF FEBRUARY 25, 2015 In September 2014, YouTube announced it would provide funding to some of its most popular stars to help them create and experiment with video formats. Highest-Earning YouTube Celebrities' $OM $5M $10M Pewdleple $7M BlueXephos $6.7M "The stars of YouTube smosh $5.7M are already reaching huge global audiences, but in many cases there is a lack of mainstream DIsneyCollectorBR $5M Blucollection $4.8M JennaMarbles $4.3M awareness." TobyGames $4.2M GEORGE STROMPOLOS, CEO, FULLSCREEN" RayWIIllamJohnson $4M UberHaxorNova $3.5M RealAnnoyIngorange $3.4M SALARIES ARE ANNUAL YouTube Stars and Mainstream Brands Here is a look at a few well-known, high-profile YouTube stars. Comedy duo lan Hecox and Anthony Padilla joined YouTube in 2005. Today, Smosh is the fifth most subscribed to channel. SMOSH Ages: 27 Annual earnings: $5.7M Affillated brands: KRAFT KIA G PUMA. Nintendo nexus one Phan has gone from do-it-yourself make-up videos to product modeling to the upcoming publication of her book, "Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success." MICHELLE PHAN Ages: 27 Annual earnings: >$1M Affiliated brands: LANCÔME! Diet verizon per Colgate Oakley has produced more than 300 videos with more than 200 million views since he joined YouTube in 2007. TYLER OAKLEY" Ages: 25 Affiliated brands: naturebox TACO BELL WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED ON YOUTUBE Making it big on YouTube isn't easy. Here are some tips for would-be future stars of the vlogosphere. PLAN YOUR CONTENT BE CONSISTENT NEVER STOP PROMOTING Tube Choose your medium and stick Tell your viewers when and how often Extend your reach by sharing your videos on other with it. Some of to expect videos and then follow through. YouTube's biggest social channels: stars create these types of videos: New video today! fachionfridays @youtube DCommentary DLifestyle DSketch Comedy D Music Learn to cook the perfet steak in today's vidi bysteak 8*|D D Tutorial DCooking 2 BETMEES I RUORrEs 13 * SOURCES ' HTTP://THENEXTWEB.COM/CREATIVITY/2014/04/07/GROWING-POWER-ONLINE-VIDEO-CAPTURED-ONLINE-VIDEO/ HTTPS://www.YOUTUBE.COM/YT/PRESS/STATISTICS.HTML *HTTPS://www.THINKWITHGOOGLECOM/PRODUCTS//YOUTUBE-DEMOGRAPHICS.HTML * HTTPS://VARIETY.COM/2014/DIGITAL/NEWS/SURVEY-YOU TUBE-STARS-MORE-POPULAR-THAN-MAINSTREAM-CELEBS-AMONG-U-S-TEENS-1201275245/ * HTTP://SOCIALBLADE.COM/YOUTUBE/TOP/100/MOSTSUBSCRIBED HTTP://www.ENTREPRENEURCOM/ARTICLE/237654 " HTTP://www.WIRED.COM/2014/04/YOUTUBE-CAMPAIGNS-FOR-STARS/ "HTTP://www.ADWEEK.COM/NEWS/TECHNOLOGY/MEET-YOUTUBE-STARS-BRANDS-LOVE-103733 * HTTP://ADAGE.COM/ARTICLE/DIGITAL/MEET-YOUTUBE-S-DEMAND-BRAND-STARS/145844/ * HTTP://www.LATIMES.COM/BUSINESS/LA-FI-YOUTUBE-STARS-20140808-STORY.HTML#PAGE=1 " HTTP://www.CELEBRITYNETWORTH.COM/RICHEST-BUSINESSMEN/PRODUCERS/TYLER-OAKLEY-NET-WORTH/ " HTTP//MASHABLE.COM/2012/08/24/HOW-TO-MAKE-MONEY-FROM-YOUTUBE/ " HTTPS://BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM/10-SURPRISING-SOCIAL-MEDIA-STATISTICS-THAT-WILL-MAKE- Newhouse YOU-RETHINK-YOUR-STRATEGY " HTTP://www.JEFFBULLAS.COM/2012/05/23/35-MIND-NUMBING-YOUTUBE-FACTS-FIGURES- SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY AND-STATISTICS-INFOGRAPHIC/ COMMUNICATIONSOSYRACUSE

The Business of YouTube

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This infographic from Communications@Syracuse highlights recent facts and figures behind YouTube and some of its greatest stars.





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