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Business Buyers Are People Too - B2B E-commerce Statistics

BUSINESS BUYERS are PEOPLE TOO! MEET MELISSA Melissa is head of procurement for a medical research facility and is responsible for purchasing supplies. She's not your father's business buyer. She's a true B2C consumer in a B2B setting. We call her a pro-sumer. She's social, independent, and wants a frictionless online experience. Melissa won't waste time with your salesperson or play golf with you. She'd prefer to spend her "off" time following her passions, not poring over product catalogs and price sheets, or waiting for clunky web pages to load. USES HER HEAD HAS VISION Melissa's a thinker. She does research, reads user reviews and comparison shops. 30% of all her web visits start with the onsite search Melissa bought her Oakley goggles online and expects the same seamless and efficient experience when viewing medical supplier websites. function. (How good is yours?) WHO'S SHE LISTENING TO? INSTANT GRATIFICATION Probably not your salespeople. More likely, referrals from her friends and connections - she values the online She got next-day delivery of this jacket through Amazon. Why can't she get the same service from B2B sites? experiences of others. CONSTRAINTS? WHAT PROPELS HER? She hates them. Melissa doesn't want to be bound to one channel or be forced to work with a distributor. She doesn't care about "channel conflict" That's your problem. Getting through the daily grind smoothly. She likes to move fast, and won't slow down for poor navigation or clunky user experiences. SHE'S HANDS ON 25% of traffic to B2B sites comes from mobile devices. She's hands-on, too, accessing business information just like she does personal informa- tion-equally from her laptop, tablet and smartphone. She expects an online experience that is consistent across all touch points. HER NEXT STEP? What makes her comfortable to take the next step? "Retail-like" features and functionality like branding and overall site design, advanced merchandising, detaled product descriptions, rich imagery, product reviews, customization, etc. TODAY'S B2B BUYER IS A CONSUMER TOO. THE FACTS ABOUT B2B $559 - B2B US B2B COMMERCE WILL REACH OVER THAT'S MORE THAN $559 BILLION TWICE B2C BY THE END OF 2013 THE B2C MARKET IN USABILITY TESTING, B2B SITES EARNED A believe it o not FIFTY EIGHT PER CENT THE BIGGEST ADOPTERS OF ECOMMERCE ARE INTERNET USERS BETWEEN THE AGES OF SUCCESS RATE. but 35 & 64 CONSUMER WEBSITES HAVE A SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER SIXTY SIX PER CENT SUCCESS RATE. 77% OF B2B BUYERS STARTED WITH ONLINE RESEARCH BEFORE TALKING TO A SALESPERSON IS YOUR SITE READY TO BE SEARCHED? (OR ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY?) COMPLEXITY IN A RECENT SURVEY, DESPITE THE SIZE OF THE MARKET ONLY 25% IS A NATURAL PART OF THE B2B BUYER/SELER RELATIONSHIP but OF B2B COMPANIES HAVE BUILT AN E-COMMERCE SITE IT DOESN'T HAVE TO IMPACT THE WEB EXPERIENCE. AMONG B2B COMPANIES, FOR EXAMPLE, ONLY 50%E ONE SHOPVISIBLE B2B COMMERCE CLIENT SEAMLESSLY HANDLES CONSIDER THEIR CURRENT WEBSITES TO BE EFFECTIVE MARKETING TOOLS OVER 25,000 EFFICIENT WEBSITE INTERACTION PRE-NEGOTIATED INDIVIDUAL PRICE LISTS. strongly influences (WITH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS CUSTOMER LOYALTY OF ITEMS IN EACH ACCOUNT PRICE LIST!) TALK TO THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW B2B COMMERCE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. ShopVisible www.SHOPVISIBLE.COM Sources SOURCES: FORRESTER RESEARCH, MARKETING SHERPA, EMARKETER, ORACLE, NIELSEN NORMAN GROUP, CORPORATE EXECUTIVE BOARD, CHIU, LIN, SUN, AND HSU

Business Buyers Are People Too - B2B E-commerce Statistics

shared by ShopVisible on Jul 01
In the e-commerce world, the lines between B2C and B2B are blurring as retailers and brands begin serving multiple audiences online. Melissa is part of the B2B audience. She embodies the new enterpris...




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