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Building A Secure Wi-Fi Network For Your Business

BUILDING A SECURE AWi-FINETWORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS 000o INTERNET CRIME IS ON THE RISE CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROS: 314,246 $485,253,871 Internet crime cases reported in 2011, Total monetary loss of combined complaints an increase of 3.4% from 2010. TOP 10 COUNTRIES WITH HIGHEST NUMBERS OF REPORTED INTERNET CRIMES 1 UNITED STATES 90.00% 2 CANADA 1.44% 3 UNITED KINGDOM 0.97% 4 AUSTRALIA 0.66% 5 INDIA 0.50% 6 PUERTO RICO 7 SOUTH AFRICA 8 FRANCE 9 GERMANY 0.19% 10 RUSSIA 0.22% 0.22% 0.19% 0.17% STATES WITH THE HIGHEST NUMBERS OF REPORTED INTERNET CRIMES 1 California 2 Florida 3 Texas New York Ohio 34,169 complaints 20,034 complaints 18,477 complaints 15,056 complaints 12,661 complaints PROTECT YOUR DATA & AVOID HEFTY FINES REDUCING COMPLAINTS WITH COMPLIANCE The Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) requires telecommunications carriers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment to ensure built-in surveillance capabilities so that federal agencies may monitor all telephone, broadband internet, and VolP traffic The Impact of CALEA (from 2004-2007) NEW! A 62% growth occurred in the number of wiretaps performed. Over a 3,000% growth occurred in the interception of internet The FBI invested $39 million on its DCSNet system, which data such as email. collects, stores, indexes, and analyzes communications data. MAKE SURE YOUR BUSINESS IS CALEA COMPLIANT $10,000 OTHERWISE YOUR BUSINESS MAY BE FINED UP TO $10,000 A DAY Is Your Business PCI Compliant? Created by the major credit card companies such as Visa, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are required of all service providers that accept, store, or transmit credit card information. These businesses must validate PCI compliance annually. The Consequences of Failing to Comply? $500,000 Potential charges of over $500,000 per breach in fines. SECURE YOUR HOTSPOT AGAINST INTRUDERS BY CHOOSING A SERVICE PROVIDER THAT PROVIDES NETWORK AUTHENTICATION & LEGAL INDEMNIFICATION [ NETWORK AUTHENTICATION] [ LEGAL INDEMNIFICATION] Authentication technology for computer Protect your business with an indemnity agreement, in which users accept responsibility for their actions on a company's network, indemnifying your business from liability. networks verifies the identity of devices and people, such as through usernames and passwords. * MAINTAINING YOUR NETWORK SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME & HASSLE WITH A MANAGED WI-FI SERVICE MANAGED WI-FI OFF-THE-SHELF Wi-Fi access CALEA compliance PCI compliance Network authentication Legal indemnification Setup & technical support Usage reports SOURCES go wifi T TASTY PLACEMENT ***** * * * * * *

Building A Secure Wi-Fi Network For Your Business

shared by tastyplacement on Nov 29
With a growing increase in internet crime, it is more important than ever for businesses to maintain a secure wi-fi network in order to protect their data and fend off hackers. A secure network is per...




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