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Broadband: What Would The World Be Like Without It?

BROADBAND What Would Tha World Ba Lika Without 13? The Earth would still turn without broadband, but life would be very different. Bring back Broadband #justsaying 00 You'd still be able to share your photos with everyone, but you might get a sore thumb in the process 5 million photos would not be uploaded to Instagram every 24 hours; nor would 2.5 billion Pinterest pages be viewed every month ANGRY BIRD SHY y CRUSH 3 BIRDS 69p You'd spend countless hours at a fairground to get your Angry Birds fix... 263 million people wouldn't play Angry Birds on their mobiles every month FOR SALE MOBILE PHONE 1. Sofa 2. Job 3. Dog BIDS £200 You'd go to your local park to find a job, somewhere to live, and a second-hand bed... £220 £245 Craig STAFF A NEEDED Gumtree Fantastic Job Great Hours Zero Pay The inhabitants of 60 cities across 6 countries would not visit Grumpy Cat would do a live world tour to make up for the loss of online video... Over 6 billion hours of YouTube video would not be watched every month THEATRE NOW PLAYING GRUMPY CAT LIVE Charlie Bit APIC FAILS XII My Finger 400 million Tweets would not You wouldn't need to update your social media status anymore, you'd wear it... be sent every day I think I'm being followed? faceboard Relatiotnship status It's complicated @ME People would still share their lives with the world. They'd just have to pass around their personal diary to do so... 25 billion blog pages would not be read every month ILIKE IT! +1 What I Wore Today WHAT I ATE TODAY References numbers-a-few-amazing-twitter-stats/

Broadband: What Would The World Be Like Without It?

shared by annie_quad on Oct 08
A recent survey placed ‘Internet connection’ at the top of a list of necessities Britons cannot live without. But what would life be like if we were suddenly without broadband, our umbilical c...


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