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A Brief History of Wearable Technology

BeyondCurious. A A BRIEF 2000 First Bluetooth Headset Shipped 2001 2011 Apple iPod Jawbone Up HISTORY OF 2003 Vitatron C-series The world's first fully digital pacemaker 2012 Nike FuelBand 2012 Pebble Watch 11 28 WEARABLE 2004 Motorola RAZR Sold more than 130 million Received more than $10 million in pledges on Kickstarter units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world to date 2013 Nissan Nismo MPH Smartwatch .O 2004 TECHNOLOGY Connects to a sports car to provide data on its performance in real-time GoPro Camera GoPro creates a personal camera that is wearable and mountable 2013 Misfit Shine 2006 Nike+ iPod Kit The device measures and 2013 records the distance and INNOVATIONS Google Glass Headmounted display that presents pace of a walk or run 1975 1993 1984 Casio Databank CD-40 2007 smartphone-like information hands-free Apple Newton PDA One of Apple's first attempts at reinventing personal computing Pulsar Calculator Apple iPhone Watch Hamilton Watch Company introduces first calculator One of the first digital watches 2013 Samsung 2008 Fitbit Designed to be clipped onto clothing, it tracks steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, activity intensity, and sleep created that allowed the user watch to store information 1999 First Blackberry Galaxy Gear Samsung announces their first foray into wearable tech off the success of their Galaxy mobile phone 1979 1987 Sony Walkman Introduced a new portable way of listening to music. Digital Hearing Aid Launched The first BlackBerry device was an email pager Nicolet introduces the first body-worn digital hearing aid 1970 20 10 1980 1990 INFLUENCES HELLO DAVE 1991 00 Ubiquitous Computing 2008 Ironman Feature film is released 1968 1981 2001: A Space Odyssey Steve Mann Designs backpack mounted computer to control photographic equipment Feature film is released Mark Weiser proposes idea of Ubiquitous Computing in Scientific American 1974 1982 BR The Six Million Blade Runner 1994 Dollar Man Feature film is released DARPA Smart Modules Program DARPA creates wearable computers for military First episode airs 1984 Neuromancer 1975 First Digital Camera and commercial use William Gibson writes Neuromancer 1 1994 Steve Sasson of Kodak A Edgar Matias Debuts "wrist computer" creates first digital camera 1987 Terminator Feature film is released with half-QWERTY keyboard 1979 Alien Feature film is released 1994 1987 Star Trek: TNG Lamming & Flynn Develop "Forget-Me-Not", a continuous personal recording system Starfleet officers are shown wearing communicator badges 1994 Steve Mann Starts transmitting images from a head-mounted camera to the web 1996 DARPA Wearables in 2005 DARPA hosts "Wearables in 2005" workshop 1996 GPS Policy Directive President Clinton issues formal policy directive ensuring GPS as a dual-use system, paving the way for civilian and commercial use 1997 Wi Fi WIFI Standard Established 1997 Chinese Privatization China begins major privatization of state-owned industries 1997 Steve Jobs Returns to Apple What will influence 1998 Google Becomes Incorporated the next generation of wearable tech 1999 Lithium-ion Polymer Rechargeable batteries are commercially produced 1999 Bluetooth innovation? 1.0 Spec Established SOURCES ted-reality-glasses/ pdf OIMZM9GRB6X513 motorola-razr/ ung-Galaxy-Gear-smartwatch_id47493 S-access-available-to-civilians-in-US--May-2--2000 eptember-27th-release-date_id47754 aunch-Nike-iPod.html 0007

A Brief History of Wearable Technology

shared by cyury on Oct 09
From The Six Million Dollar Man to Ironman, culture has shaped and influenced wearable technology. Take a look at some of the influences and innovations that have taken us to the state of wearable tec...




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