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The Brain of the Internet

THE BRAIN OF THE INTERNET HOW DATA CENTERS KEEP THE CLOUD RUNNING Have you ever wondered where all the memes, gifs, and viral videos that you consume every day are stored? Where they are before they're delivered to your computer screen? In short: at data centers, which are responsible for keeping the Internet running and keeping you entertained. DATA CENTERS WHAT ARE THEY? THE WONDERS OF THE MODERN WORLD Extremely large, high security complexes filled with rows and rows of servers that run All data on the Internet runs through servers every time it is requested. 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK THEY ARE MASSIVE Data Centers Worldwide: The Largest in the World is The Largest in the U.S. is over 6.3 2.2 5,000 MILLION SQ. FT. MILLION SQ. FT. and that RANGE INTERNATIONAL SWITCH number is rapidly increasing INFORMATION HUB SUPERNAP LANGFANG, CHINA LAS VEGAS, NV 285.8 MILLION. SQ. FT. 6,000 Estimated footprint of all data centers in the world combined FOOTBALL FIELDS! A large data center can house 50,000 – 100,000 SERVERS Microsoft Google 1,000,000 900,000 450,000 SERVERS SERVERS SERVERS at 10-20 data centers at 13 data centers at 7 data centers THEY USE A LOT OF ENERGY 1 data center's energy use can equal that of 180,000 HOMES = 10,000 homes ENERGY BREAKDOWN EACH YEAR, DATA CENTERS USE MORE ENERGY 50 gigawatts 20% 40 gigawatts POWER 35% 5% 30 gigawalts COOLING OTHER 20 gigawatts 40% 10 gigawatts IT LOAD 2007 2011 2012 2013 1 gigawatt - 1 billion watts THEY HAVE HIGH SECURITY : в MANTRAPS DUAL-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION 24/7 ONSITE SECURITY CCTV VIDEO SURVEILLANCE (ACCESS CONTROL) • Prevent tailgating • Biometric scanners • Proximity badges • Security guards patrol the premise • Monitors interior, exterior, and roof THEY ARE HIGH TECH 3.6-MEGAWATT GENERATORS THERMAL MODELING EVAPORATIVE CHILLED WATER PLANTS FIBER OPTIC CABLES filled with 100Os of gallons of fuel are on locates "hot spots" and helps plan temperature use advanced tactics to cool servers quicker than air would transfer data at speeds of 10 terabytes per second premises in case of control a power outage The next time you stream your favorite TV show on the Internet, remember the amazing feats of engineering that make that luxury possible. servercentral soft-now-has-one-million-servers-less-than-google-but-more-than-amazon-says-ballmer Body/3736-102-1-10478/measurement%20of%20data%20centre%20power%20consumption.pdf ..

The Brain of the Internet

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Data centers are the wonders of the modern world, see how they keep the cloud running. Infographic by


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