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BPM ELECTRIC Baby proofing a home is something parents fret over, and for good reason. There are many potential dangers, and power outlets may need immediate attention. Power outlets can potentially cause serious injury or even death. WITH THAT IN MIND, WE CREATED THIS GRAPHIC FOR YOU NEW PARTNERS OUT THERE ON TIPS ON HOW TO BABY PROOF YOUR HOME: CHECK THE DATE In Canada, if your home was built in 2009 or later, you should have tamper-proof outlets. They were mandated as part of the home building code. Designed to eliminate the risk of small objects being forced into the outlet, these have spring-loaded shutters. However, even though they are part of the building code, check to make sure yours have been installed properly. If your home is older than 2009, you'll need to take further steps to protect the outlets. PLUG THE PROBLEM OUTLET CAPS A box that covers the outlet, these If your home is These simple solutions are effective and affordable. You can buy a lot of them and simply cap all of the unused outlets. Don't forget to put them back in if you've removed them to use the outlet! If you are forgetful or your child is extra curious, you can affix them with a strip of duct tape to be extra safe. older than 2009, there are several options available. PLATE COVERS Simply screw these over top of the existing outlets, and the sliding cover will keep out curious hands. The spring-loaded covers are excellent protective barriers, and you'll never have to worry about forgetting to re-install anything. A great permanent solution! PLASTIC COVERS POWER BARS POWER STRIP COVERS A box that covers the outlet, these are effective solutions for outlets If you need to have power bars around your computer or TV, then try to simply keep them well hidden and out of reach behind furniture. that always have cords plugged in. They eliminate the possibility of a toddler pulling out a cord and shoving something else into the outlet, especially if they are always in use. your power bar is exposed, you can get plastic shields that encase the power bar. They are somewhat inconvenient if you are constantly changing what is plugged in but overall a great solution for stationary power bars. Out of sight, out of mind! RECEPTACLES DANGLING CORDS If your home was built before 2009 Receptacles can be replaced with Tamperproof Receptacles. With Bathroom receptacles, you should always ensure they are ground fault protected. For long cords that are enticing for toddlers, keep furniture or heavy objects in front so they remain hidden. If that's not an option, you can tape the cord down. For any extra length of cord, wrap it up in a figure eight and secure it with a twist tie or elastic. Or purchase a cord shortener, a small contraption that encases extra cord. Keeping the home safe is a top priority for parents of young children. For outlets, keeping them protected is a vital baby proofing step. Here's a summary of how you can keep them safe: SAFETY SAFETY Ensure there are safety measures on every outlet in the home. Check to see if Secure power bars, Protect and secure your outlets are cords. old or new. (604) 539-0708 /BPMelectricltd f /BPMElectric G+/+Bpmelectric BPM ELECTRIC

BPM Electric

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BPM Electric Ltd. has been serving BC's lower-mainland since 1987. Our electricians have a passion for excellence and a desire to leave our clients happy.




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