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Bonzai Intranet Delivery Roadmap

Bonzai Intranet Delivery Roadmap TECHNICAL PROJECT KICK-OFF ASSESSMENT AND INITIATION This is when our technical infrastructure gurus meets your technical infrastructure gurus and get into the nitty gritty details of your SharePoint envi- ronment. Our team helps you plan your intranet strategy and overall purpose, crafting a core message that will be carried through to your communication plan, governance, roll-out and adoption strategies later on. WEEK 1 We'll make sure you have everything in place to support Bonzai, and plan for the anticipated growth and use of your intranet for the next couple years. : 02 01 INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE Remember that content audit you loved so much? Here's when it comes in handy. We look at how your content is currently structured, review your content needs and gain insight into how your business operates. WEEK 2 03 The content structure or information architecture (IA) is a vital part of your intranet because it tells you where information goes, how it's organized and how it can be accessed. Your site map, navigation structure, labels and web parts (SharePoint widgets) all provide small windows into your intranet content and different access points. A WEEK 3 Your site map, navigation structure, labels and web parts (SharePoint widgets) all provide small windows into your intranet content and different access points. CONTENT MAPPING Content Mapping is important because that's when you take your current content and map it to your new content structure (IA). WEEK 4 Think of it as moving houses and deciding which new room to put your furniture in. At this stage, it's important to engage your content owners in the content mapping process. 04 BONZAI BRANDING One key advantage of Bonzai is that it's fully functional features are ready to roll. This means that the Bonzai requirements gathering process is very light in compari- son to a typical custom development project. WEEK 5 Our requirements workshops are more focused on uncovering configuration requirements for Bonzai func- tionality (including colors and fonts) so we can set the modules up in a way that makes sense to you. 05 ROLLOUT PLANNING This is when we plan your intranet launch – from pre-launch activities to generate excitement, to launch day and post-launch initiatives to keep the momentum going. Xx 1 X WEEK 6 This might include an intranet naming contest, scaven- ger hunt, photo contests, t-shirts and more. 06 BONZAI GOVERNANCE INSTALLATION PLANNING 07 At this stage, we install Bonzai to your SharePoint environments. Our infrastructure Risks mitigation may include ensuring information is secure, content is current, and training all content contributors on how to post and manage information. lead will guide you through the necessary steps to install your Bonzai intranet. We'll perform or assist with the installation to your non-production environments, as well as your production environment. 08 BONZAI CONFIGURATION & QA Using the requirements we've gathered, we perform the configuration steps required to set up the Bonzai components. WEEK 7 TRAINING Then we test it internally to make sure every- thing looks good before you test it for yourself. Power User and Content Author training sessions are run separately for each different intranet role. In-person training and manuals are also provided at this stage. 09 10 USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING This is a fun stage where a selected group of content authors go through Bonzai and test the functionality using test case scenarios we provide. WEEK 8 Once all test cases have passed and been approved, we're ready for content authoring. If anything requires tweaking or fixing, we will do so at this stage. 11 CONTENT MIGRATION/ AUTHORING The final stage before launch is content migration and authoring. All activities up to this point have prepared us for this stage. The average time required to migrate and WEEK 9 author content for an intranet is about four weeks. Of course this depends on the amount of content you have and how straight-forward the migration efforts are. 12 This step is always the biggest unknown in any number of unknown or unforeseeable things that may cause the content migration and authoring efforts to slow down. intranet project because there are The stronger your content ownership structure is, the quicker decisions can be made and the more seamless this process will be. INTRANET LAUNCH! WEEK 12 13 Connect with us www.BONZAI-INTRANET.COM f in y @Bonzailntranet Copyright 2015 Bonzai Intranet

Bonzai Intranet Delivery Roadmap

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Ever wonder what it takes to produce a beautiful, intuitive Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint and Office 365? See how the Bonzai process is different with our fun Infographic that shows how your organ...


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