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The Bobsled of the Future

CREAX SPEED SKIING ACRODYNArtic HELMET k FOAM FAIRINES CROKE STRO e by WTF? 3 DET AUGMCNTED HEMET FA TILTABLE FALABS VARIAGLE ROuTRLE NASA FoA6XL AERODYNANIC PATTERN INCKEASED LAsivor Praw EXTRA RAOE STRAIBHT LINE LESS FRICTION - SALL CONTACT SUKFACE FRKO FEET 15 SETTER GRIP MAZDA TAIKI CURVES - MORE TRIZTION - HiBHER CONTACT SURFALE 13 BHW BATTERits THE PATFORN 10 CPU BATTERS CONTROL UNIT AUDI R8 TOP VIEW MAENETOCHECGRAL FSPeNsibn 8 3 CPU 2009 US 7591337 B2 Leaning suspension mechanics 11 LaNGBOARD STEER BY comNg CPU FIG. 4 Apparats and methods for fietion eductioe vis atic lulvication . USoIMeAI EiDE view STRANHT CuevE 13 A de ng Fig. 2 CARBON FIBER CHASSIS 12 Fig3 COATING REES FRIÈTON AcarTic LUBRICATION 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 HOW TO BENEFIT FROM EXISTING TECHNOLOGY? Bobsleighing is a high-tech and innovative discipline. Or not? Believe it or not, bobsleighs are steered like horse-drawn carriages. Not exactly what you expect from a sport where a second equals an eternity, no? How to disrupt this discipline? How to improve the conventional design of the sled and optimize the performance of the athletes? The solution is simple yet ingenious: transfer ideas & technologies from other industries that face similar challenges. A philosophy preached by Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and – well euh – us. The advantages are clear: a structured ideation process, no need for re-search, and decreased development times. We introduce about 15 technologies in bobsleighing; some rather mainstream, others really cutting-edge (and -ice). Concepts derived from the long-board, the BMW 13, Formula 1, Augmented Reality, NASA airplanes, gecko feet and even your daily shaver were transformed into one concept that will shatter world records at the next Winter Olympics, hopefully. Let us introduce some of the improvements: Want to get more information? Contact our specialists at or The bobsleigh Today, the sleigh is steered by gently pulling two rings connected to the steering mechanism with ropes. Only the front 'runners' can be moved, those in the back are fixed to the sleigh. We propose a new steering mechanism similar to the one of a long-board or incumbent bike. By pushing their body weight to one side of the bob, the runners will slightly switch direction to complete a perfect line through the curve. The runners themselves are suspended in the sled through magneto-rheological dampers, providing self-regulation damping. This also allows changing the position of the runners on the ice. Along the straight sectors, the runners have a small contact area, while in the corners the runners are pushed completely into the ice, providing more grip. To decrease the friction, little vibrations are conveyed to the runners, a proven technology called acoustic lubrication. To improve aerodynamics, we implemented a drag reduction system (DRS): by tilting the flaps on the sleigh, the down force can be controlled. Along the straight sectors the down force is reduced to gain speed and in the corners it is increased so the sleigh sticks to the banked curve. +32 (0) 56 23 94 94 Belgium CREAX is a frontrunner in innovation consulting and research. We bring a systematic approach to the fuzzy and unstructured world of innovation. Our versatile The athletes We all love pronounced quadriceps in tight spandex bodysuits. Still we believe there are some new trends in bobsleigh fashion coming up. We designed a hard shell to put on the back of the athletes. When crouched down, this shell will act as a spoiler, improving the airflow over the sleigh. Their shoes are equipped with a gecko-like surface providing superior grip when launching the bobsleigh whilst being easy to release from the ice at the same time. team combines analytical skill and cross-industry knowhow with creative energy to provide breakthrough solutions for our clients. We can't wait to translate these ideas into reality and bring that golden medal home in 2018. Fig Fig.2.

The Bobsled of the Future

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Bobsleighing is a high-tech and innovative discipline. Or not? Believe it or not, bobsleighs are steered like horse-drawn carriages. Not exactly what you expect from a sport where a second equals an e...


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