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Bitcoin: from investment commodity to everyday use

BITCOIN SWITCHING FROM INVESTMENT COMMODITY TO EVERYDAY USE WE ACCEPT TOP 10 BIGGEST WE ACCEPT BITCOIN ACCEPTING MERCHANTS Microsoft DELL Expedia airBaltic пеwegg.comi American Red Cross WIKIPEDIA The Free Encyelopedia REEDS DeSTinia •com TOP 5 COUNTRIES WHERE BITCOIN IS BEING USED USA UK Canada Germany The Netherlands 100,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin during December 2014 TOTAL BITCOIN VALUE PROCESSED TO DATE BY BITPAY 2013 2014 24 24 2$ $ $ § § 24 24 $ 2$ $ %24 2$ 2$ 24 Total Value Processed $ 107,575,000 $ 158,800,000 Total Number 209,420 563,568 of Transactions $ 513 $ 281 Average Order Value This number is dropping as adoption increases and Bitcoin moves from an investment commodity to a payment method. If these transactions were conducted by credit card, the fees would total $7,991,250 (Using a standard 3% transaction fee) BITCOIN TRANSACTIONS AVERAGE OF 10,000 DAILY TRANSACTION BY HAVE BEEN RISING POPULAR ADDRESSES Number of Transactions per Day 120 K 100 K 80 K 60 K The milestone of 100,000 daily transactions by addresses excluding popular ones was reached in February 2015, which is two months later than total transactions 40 K 20 K APR 14 JUL 14 ОСТ 14 JAN 15 APR 14 Total no. of daily transactions No. of daily transactions excluding popular addresses Source: BITPAY TRANSACTIONS BY CATEGORIES TRANSACTION VOLUME $1.1 M Travel $3.4 M IT Services $20.1 M E-commerce $24.5 M 2$ Precious Metals $76.8 M Bitcoin Mining NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS 100,000 Precious Metals 3,243 II Food Delivery 24,128 E-commerce 41,121 IT Service 69,832 1 Gift Cards 88,288 gyft Services like Gyft now make shopping in over 200 retailers possible by converting Bitcoin into Giftcards. ТОP 10 MOST OFTEN BOUGHT ITEMS WITH BITCOIN Sheets Donations Headphones Cases and Area rugs to non-profits holders Cables and Mattresses Coffee tables A/V cables Fashion tools sunglasses Everyday items rank above consumer tech on's list of 'Most often bought with Bitcoin' BITPAY TOP 3 EMERGING COUNTRIES GREATEST SIGNUP GROWTH Q4 2014 vs Q1 2015 406% 212% 199% INDIA BRAZIL INDONESIA OFFLINE BITCOIN ACCEPTING BUSINESS Food establishments are the most common type of brick and mortar Bitcoin accepting merchants. 76.8% 2.1% 3% FOOD EDUCATION HEALTH 3.3% 14.9% OTHER ACCOMMODATION ТОР 5 ALL-TIME VC INVESTMENT DEALS $116 $120m $100m “ Millions of Venture Capital is being put into making Bitcoin more accessible for $80m $75 $60m $50 $40m $31 $30 businesses and $20m customers. $0 bitpay All time Bitcoin VC investment increased 51% from the end of 2014 and now reached $ 676m (March 2015) HOW BITCOIN ACTIVITY STACKS UP AGAINST OTHER NETWORKS Average Daily Transaction Volume of Selected Payment Networks (in Million U.S. Dollars) Data from June 2014 VISA $17,559m MasterCard $9,863m UnionPay $7,562m $2,434m DISCOVER $438m P PayPal $397m Bitcoin Transaction Volume Represents a 7-day Average as of December 3. All other DISCOVER $299m Volumes Based on Latest $289m Company Filings. WESTERN ÜNION $216m хоом $15m 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000 SOURCES PRESENTED BY chants-globally/29632 n-q1-2015/ Oef688/fc41c210714194877d46e9d23ce70ae4 n-q1-2015/ .. ment-59609

Bitcoin: from investment commodity to everyday use

shared by ggeorgiev on Jun 30
Bitcoin is fast at switching from "an investment commodity to everyday use" and we believe we collected enough data points to prove it.




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