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Big Photo: The Photosharing Market

BIG PHOTO Seuce How Mony Photos Are Uplooded to Facebook Each Day Guorol 90 billion Images Total 72 billion added in 2011* 2010-2011 REPORT 9 billion Big Data is the science of managing data sets that become so large that they are difficult to manipulate with traditional software. New techniques were developed to organize, analyze, and retrieve ex- cessive quantities of data. Big Photo refers to applying similar methodologies to equally large sets of images. Ophotobucket 7 billion Picasa flickr At a rate of 6 billion images, each month, one "Flickr's worth" of photos is upload by Facebook 6 billion monthly* UNDERSTANDING THE 6 billion SCALES AND CHARTS users. facebook flickr 30% The portion of the indexed web estimated to be image files is esti- mated to be 30 percent. Bing Images Flickr Picasa Photobucket Sauce How Much De You Know Abaut facebook Photot (Mashabie MMS Messages Sent 6.1 Trillion Google Images Facebook However, the indexed web is far less than 1 percent of the the known web and doesn't include the mobile web or LIST OF SOURCES I MMS social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Each hold mas- SMS Yal Networking lnde Glabal Mabia Dala Troffie Forecon Update, 2010-2013 sive datasets that aren't available to search engines like Google. I IM Soce conen "Moble Messoging ure 2011-2015, Portio Rerch In 2001 researchers proposed that 17 percent of the web's text was contained in image or video files and, therefore, was not in- dexed by search engines. OCR and visual search tech- nologies have improved, greatly impacting this problem. "Accng Teal Inforaton Erbedded eoeREemelingng 17% 248.7 Bilion Hw Mo Upldded to Foce beok Ech Dar The Diresio nd plt ol So in MMS Gw pebille inde ie Sovce Mobie Messoging Futures 20112015 (Perie Research) Mobile vs. Internet Growth How Mech De You Know About Focebook Ptest Impressively, MMS alone ac- counts for twice as much shar ing as the biggast social net 2009 2010 Global Revenue The creation of textual content is rapidly being dwarfed by images and video. Coupled with the fact that the lines between the mobile web and traditional web are blurring, the opportunity for new tools and products for indexing and manipulating visual data sets becomes apparent. Soe SPE Iee ging "Aceing el iformaton Enbeddednlteel imge "Sipple di Ou Syleno Help Push i Pel ron Ted web age Xeonony com work. This does not include 'in app' sharing which is also a rapidly growing market. Bngonnd .comblcindex Data Transferred $32.1b 1.1 2.8 Even with a combined 29 pet abytes of data transferred in 2010, MMS and SMS only oc count for an estimated 1% of all mobile global data transac- tions - the rest being voice, mobile web, satellite, stream ing media, apps, and 'inapp' content sharing. $32.5b This report looks at three things: the relative size and growth of the largest photosharing social networks, the mobile messaging market and the year on year growth of mobile and internet. 10.8 15.2 To normalize the data, we reference only the latest market infor- mation from the previous year. So, this research is only as accurate as fourth quarter research from the previous year – in this case 2010. 28 petabytes IMMSI I in abyna 1 petabytes ISMS) Souce: Cico Viaual Nehwarking Inder: Global Mobile Data Traffie Forecat Updote, 2010-2016 Souce: The Dinensiens and Inpleatfions of Su ging MMS Growh (Cover S114.6b Why measure mobile dataf The fastest growing data markets globally are the developing countries, where mobile ac counts for the overwhelming majority of digital communication. Also, the purpose of this report is to identify large image- centric markets and their growth. MMS represents the world's largest photosharing market. Souce: Mobile Meaging Future 2011-2015 (Partia Reeorch metalayer Despite growing at an incredible pace, and being monetized in other ways, the Big Photo market lacks a dear method for indexing, segmenting, and monetizing images using only the objects and text that appear in them. Despite accounting for only 4% of global messoging (in numbers of messages sent). MMS accounts for 18% of global mobile messag ing revenue. Colors and Numbers by: e 2011 metoloyer Ine.

Big Photo: The Photosharing Market

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This report looks at three things: the relative size and growth of the largest photosharing social networks, the mobile messaging market and the year on year growth of mobile and web.


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