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Big Movie Data - The Resolution Revolution by Fusion ioFX

* FUSION-io Big Movie Data THE RESOLUTION REVOLUTION 1950s Analog Analog TV dominated the market for decades. Viewers were long satisfied with their 0.3 megapixel screens. Invented in 1927 by farmer Philo 640x 480 Farnsworth. The launch of Discovery S086| Digital Television was the first HD broadcast in the USA. In the '80s, companies began experimenting with digital and HDTV. Because transmissions required 2 to 4 times the bandwidth, HD broadcasts were not feasible for several more decades. High Definition Video 2000s In 2006, Blu-ray Disc furthered the Resolution Revolution, proving that audiences were willing to pay for an HD experience. 1920 x 1080 \ 2010s The visually stunning Avatar required more than 1 PB of storage space and is today the highest grossing movie ever at $2.78 billion. Transitioning from film to digital, artists bring us stunning effects in 2K, creating immersive virtual realities for audiences. 2k 2048 x 1152 2k 3D The recent stereoscopic revival doubled the amount of data viewed by moviegoers. The Power of Love, the first 3D film released, premiered in 1922. Filmmakers are 4096 x 2160 4k 30 pushing the limits once again with 4K and 4K 3D, quadrupling 2K film resolutions, not to mention the increase in digital assets. Sony is planning to offer the world's first 4K movie download service, with each film expected to be at least 100 GB of data. Filming The Hobbit 48 FPS 4K 3D generated 118x more data/ second than SD. 60 FPS Avatar 2 is set to debut in 2015 featuring 4K 3D 60 FPS footage. Sharp launched the first 8K Ultra HD television at CES 2013. 8K and Beyond To learn how digital artists are making creative masterpieces faster than ever, visit: * FusiON-io

Big Movie Data - The Resolution Revolution by Fusion ioFX

shared by davidmalmborg on Apr 08
As NAB 2013 gets underway, many in the digital content creation industry are in Las Vegas to check out the latest breakthroughs in technology and artistry. With 4K, 48 frames per second films now rele...






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