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The Big Friendly Phone Comes with Amazing Features Perfect for Older Generation

THE BIG FRIENDLY PHONE Comes with amazing features, perfect for the older generation! fonerange" If you can't always be local to your elderly relatives, rest assured that they are only a touch of a button away This fantastic Big Button Friendly mobile phone from Fonerange will keep you connected CLOUD CONNECTED MOBILE PHONE STEP 2 The message gets updated on the mobile and alarms are scheduled STEP STEP 3 Alarms are activated at scheduled For example, you schedule the alarms/notifications timings to remind user about medication,health check-ups, etc. for health check-ups and medication 10 2 304 timings on website Parents You are in are at 1. 23 4 5m 6mo Scotland home 7ras 8w 9ae in Wales *e 0: # THE BIG FRIENDLY PHONE Allows health data to be synchronised between phone and server to be easily shared via the web at anytime Experience the amazing features of the Big Friendly mobile phone for elders and senior citizens Perfect for Seniors Even more functions: Specifically designed to meet the needs of the elderly, this handset is packed with features and design elements to provide a worry-free user experience. Easy Viewing Easy Listening sos Enlarged characters and enlarged icons for better viewing, along with loud and clear ringtones and voice quality fonerange Get in touch quickly and easily Unique photo contact storage and enlarged keypad allow for quick dial-outs, with no need to search from the phone book The input messaging function with enlarged keypad makes it easier to get in touch with anyone fonerange Undisturbed Sleep Easily configurable timetable for "Do Not Disturb" periods fonerange Taipei 30-25°c 55% Humidity Thundershower Wind: Strong Options Schedule your outings Easy to read weather reports and forecasts of local and global cities to enable you to plan your outings around the weather Back If you are away, no need to worry about your elderly family members fonerange This mobile phone is Cloud-connected for care and assistance via the web Allows edits of photo contacts, phonebook and device configurations to assist the elderly with backing-up and managing the phone. 10. 2ABC 3 DEF 4CH 5.KL 6MNO 7PORS 8TUV *8 0: #* Allows set-up of "Do Not Disturb" time periods. Allows easy set-ups of alarms to remind the user of health check-up schedules (i.e. medication, blood pressure checks, blood sugar levels, etc) Allows health data to be synchronised between the phone and server for easy data sharing via the internet, at any time. SOS Emergency Assistance sos Up to 5 sets of SOS emergency contacts Automatic call-out to all SOS contacts Automatically sending out SOS SMS including pre-defined help message & location URL link Emergency incoming call is accepted even if phone is switched off, to avoid unreachable situations. Easy to Charge Assists user, even in the dark! Comes with a charging cradle for quick and easy charging, with no need to Dual-LED torch, doubling the brightness. *8 0: 1a. 2u 3 4. 5. 6mo bend down for access to a wall socket. Device Overview: Flash Light fone range SOS Button- sos Flash Light On/OFF Power On/OFF Tao 2ABC 3 DEF 4CHI 5JK 6 MNO 7Pas 8 TuV 9wY *80 # Back Cover Lock. Earphone USB charge Port Home screen fone range Tul Signal strength O Alarm on A Battery power M Unread message A Missed call A Silent mode e via GPRS Synchronising the Big Friendly Phone by Fonerange Server: 1 Set-up 2 Configure all of the information on the Big friendly Phone from Fonerange Server • Upload Ringtone fonerngr The i Frieny Phoneferm • Add New contacts Phote contacts • Change Wallpaper • Set Up Alarms 3 Then enable Remote Sync option from the Big Friendly Phone 3 Statto syne 4 From the Sync Data option, you can choose which type of data you wish to synchronise between the Fonerange Server and the Big Friendly Phone Logn Fgpnd 5 On the Big Friendly Phone, select "Start to Sync" to synchronise configurations to your account from the Fonerange Server. 6 Set up Sync period on a weekly or monthly basis. 7 Data Synchronisation can be done via an SMS sent from one of your SOS contact numbers. Available to Order at

The Big Friendly Phone Comes with Amazing Features Perfect for Older Generation

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A revolution in simple handset design. The Big Friendly Mobile Phone has considered every small need of the senior citizens while designing this phone. In case you are wondering that the phone is just...




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