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Big Data Just Beginning to Explode

THE RAPID GROWTH OF GLOBAL DATA CSC The production of data is expanding at an astonishing pace. Experts now point to a 4300% increase in annual data generation by 2020. Drivers include the switch from analog to digital technologies and the 2020: MORE THAN3 OF THE DATA PRODUCED WILL LIVE IN OR PASS THROUGH THE CLOUD. rapid increase in data generation by individuals and corporations alike. Size of Total Data Enterprise Created Data Enterprise Managed Data 2012: CUSTOMERS WILL START STORING 1 EB OF INFORMATION. 2015 7.9ZB 6.32ZB 1.2zB 36zB 2010 .96ZB 2.37za 79ZB WHAT IS A ZETTABYTE? DATA PRODUCTION It took roughly 1 petabyte of local storage 1,000,000,000,000 gigabytes WILL BE 44 TIMES GREATER In 2007, the estimated information content of all 1 terabyte IN 2020 THAN IT WAS IN 2009 to render the 1,000,000,000.000 holds the terabytes equivalent 3D CGI effects in Avatar. 1,000,000,00০,000 ********* 1,000,000,000,000 of roughly 210 single- sided DVDS. human knowledge was petabytes More than 70% of the digital universe is generated by individuals. But enterprises have exabytes 295 exabytes responsibility for the storage, protection and 1,000,000,000,000 zettabyte management of 80% of it." TAKING ON THE EXPLOSION WITH RADICAL NEW DATABASES The dramatic rise of unstructured data like photos, videos and social media has UNSTRUCTURED DATA IS LESS RIGID, LESS ORDERED AND MORE INTERRELATED THAN TRADITIONAL DATA ushered in a new breed of non-relational databases that allow data to reveal its own structure and patterns. This shift is a revolutionary change after 40 years of dominance by relational databases - an NEWLY EXPANDED DATABASE STACK TRADITIONAL STACK eternity in the world of IT. MapReduce PROGRAMS DIRECT RECORD ACCESS OR QUERIES 8306 90EB Unstructured File-Based Data Storage Structured Block-Based Data Storage 70 60 TRADITIONAL RELATIONAL DATABASE HADOOP (MapReduce engines) PARALLEL 50 NOSQL DATABASE RELATIONAL 40 DATABASE 30 20 10 MONOLITHIC HARDWARE DISTRIBUTED HARDWARE 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Wondwide Fee ge ...... . ....... CONNECTING THE DATA DOTS TO MAKE NEW DISCOVERIES As we make the important shift from THIS NEW WORLD OF DATA ANALYTICS IS REVEALING INSIGES IN LITERALLY EVERY FIELD IMAGINABLE collecting to connecting data, businesses are searching for relationships between data sets to reveal valuable new insights. CASE STUDY FINDING GENOMES Using the leading open-source predictive analytics language to sort through 10 GB of data, a biotech company recently isolated 23 optimal genes, thereby creating the first gender-specific diagnostic tests for heart disease. 42,000 blood samples 50,000 genes per sample 1-2 million pieces of genetic information per sample TODAY, STRUCTURED AND UNSTRUCTURED DATA CAN BE VIEWED FROM MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES. 23 KEY GENES ISOLATED The evolution of the way we produce, process and analyze data is changing the world around us in fundamental ways. These new, unexpected patterns are helping businesses find new solutions to complex problems. To learn more about how to prepare for what's ahead, download our DATA FEVOLUTION white paper at Soure DC/EHC 20n Digta Univer Study 2010 Digital Univere Decade Study. Data revolution St 20L Csc Landing Coge Fanum e 2012 COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION Se DC Dta ee d CHC May 2010 Chart a 2020 35ZB 28ZB 10.5 zB 8888888

Big Data Just Beginning to Explode

shared by KerryNoone on Mar 13
The world of data is changing dramatically right before our eyes – from the amount of data being produced to the way in which it’s structured and used. This trend, generally referred to as "big da...




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