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Big Data Bigger Opportunities

BIG DATA BIGGER OPPORTUNITIES "It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information." – Oscar Wilde' DATA, DATA, EVERYWHERE 1 BILLION GB_,25- 1 EXABYTE THAT NUMBER DOUBLES EVERY MONTH EXABYTES are created every day!? 090% n of the world's data was created in the last two years Walmart >* TWITTER Save money. Live better. collects 2.5 petabytes of data every hour from customer transactions. (that's 50 million filing cabinets worth!) sees 340 million tweets every day 4. 10,000 credit card transactions are made every second WHERE DOES IT ALL GO? Information overload costs $500 BILLION the U.S. economy at least $900 BILLION is spent in marketing every year. 40% is wasted because of the inadequate use of a year in employee productivity big data.6 and lost innovation Information Crisis & Information Opportunity Big Data can be used to help your business and others, but it can also be used to do harm as well. THE WAR ON TERROR THROUGH PRISM THE PRISM OF BIG DATA In early June, 2013, it was reported that the U.S. government is using Big Data technology to spy on Americans by tapping into the central servers of big time tech companies like.." You Aol. f Google Microsoft YAHOO! Tube BIG DATA MAKES SPYING - AND UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING BEING SPIED UPON IN CONTEXT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT USED BIG DATA SOFTWARE LIKE HADOOP AND NOSQL TO CRUNCH ALL THAT DATA.8 - FAR MORE EFFICIENT. IN THE FUTURE, THERE WILL BE A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF DATA AVAILABLE TO BUSINESSES, GOVERNMENTS, AND INSTITUTIONS. To support this growth, telecommunications and data budgets will expa Iby 40% The data available will increase to 40,000 EXABYTES with the data available effectively DOUBLING Right now, the developed world is where most data comes from, with the developing world only accounting for 20% of data available. by 2020. This includes IT hardware, software, 9. every two years. 10 services, telecommunications, and staff. BY 2020 BY 2020 CHINA 1/3 will account for 21% of the world's data of all data will have value if properly tagged and analyzed "Information is not Knowledge." – Albert Einstein In 2001, the META Group (now Gartner) defined the new century's data challenges using the 3 Vs: " VOLUME VELOCITY VARIETY the speed of the data coming in and out of your system the different types of data and sources of data the amount of data The best Big Data services take all three into account when they process and analyze your data, transforming raw information into useful knowledge. This has impacted every sector of industry, including... RETAIL Location data from mobile phones was used to find out how many people were in Macy's parking lots on Black Friday... the start of the Christmas shopping season." 12 nacy's This allowed analysts to predict Macy's sales on that all-important day. Investors love to be ahead of the curve! CHURCHES Collecting, synthesizing, and putting to use data about a church's membership has become increasingly crucial to many churches. • Contact, attendance, and offering information can be collected in a way that allows churches to adjust to the needs of their worshipers for mutual benefit 13 • Learning how to use that data can influence both the church's bottom line, and help the church better serve its attendees 14 Churches around the world are embracing data management systems to analyze areas that the general public has never considered (web traffic, donations, spec loss management, etc). This has allowed them to more effectively.." event attendance, 15 STORE DATA SEARCH DATA SHARE DATA .. so that they can, for example, ... so that church leaders can be informed of an interested member, or to communi- ... so that they can track membership changes, giving information, event participation, and church attrition. putting to use data about a church's membership has become increas- ingly crucial to many churches. make connections between church members, their skills and gifts, and volunteer opportunities. cate opportunities such as, "if you liked this, then you might want to go to..." through common communication plat- forms like Facebook, Twitter, email, and texting - all provided by the end user. HOSPITAL HEALTHCARE THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT • Everything from human cloning to tailor-made pharmaceuticals relies on the success of this project. • The HGP was completed by over 20 major scientific organizations, universities, institutions, and corporations. 16 SSPORTS BANKING Big Data analysis in sports was depicted in baseball through Moneyball, but it is affecting every sport. After the housing mortgage crisis, banks have become more careful about whom they lend to. Big data analysis can determine who is at risk of default, based on (among other things)... 18 Many NBA teams collect up to 1 million data records per game using tiny cameras installed throughout the court. A team's plays and an athlete's performance can be adjusted to account for all this new data coming in." Personal Geography Income Circumstances POLITICS Barack Obama's 2012 Presidential re-election campaign's success is largely credited to its use of big data technology to harness social media." HOPE. Obama's YouTube channel received CHANGE. Obama's Facebook page You Tube 240,000 subscribers and 246 million page views. Facebook page received 33 million Likes. received 33 million Likes. Compare that to Romney's 23,700 ROMNEY subscribers and 26 million page views. BELIEVE IN AMERICA SCIENCE Instead of small groups or individual scientists making big discoveries in their private experiments, large teams of scientists and engineers loosely associated through government-sponsored laboratories and universities are on the cutting edge of today's science. 20 THE LARGE HADRON (CERN COLLIDER 25 PETABYTES The LHC is, among other things, a → 27-KILOMETER → Cern Laboratory are annually processed by a vast international network of computers. 22 ring of superconducting magnets. 21 Making black holes in Switzerland, to the delight of Scifi Chicken Littles everywhere. ACADEMIA Increasing demand for big data scientists has led to the creation of big data programs at academic institutions intended to study the potential of big data and train these future analysts. These programs are hosted by such prestigious universities as... 23 24 Berkeley NYU STANFORD COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY U NI V ERSITY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SOURCES 1 Wilde, Oscar. A Few Maxims for the Instruction of the Over-Educated. Saturday Review, 1894. 2 3 4 5 6 Rex Briggs, SIRFS-Up 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 COPYRIGHT 2013 ELEXIO.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Big Data Bigger Opportunities

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Big data, bigger opportunities. 90% of the world's data was created in the last 2 years.





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