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Big Data, Big Costs

BIG DATA, BIG COSTS Data centers use a lot of power. 86 BILLION KILOWATT HOURS KWn) total electricity consumption in the US But that's not the crazy part. in the US alone - is used annually cooling their roughly şervers 1.5% worldwide Fortunately, there are people trying to fix that In other words, we could power... One company, Asetek, can reduce the power needed to cool data centers by a 100 W lightbulb for 49 3.8 50% MILLION years & decrease overall power consumption by million homes 25% (1.280 annual kWh) by using a technology called RackCDU. with just the power saved by RackCDU each year. MORE RESOURCES FOR ALL WATER COAL HEAT IN THE US, DATA CENTERS USE... Worldwide, data centers waste around 152 400 Over BILLION TRILLION 33 PER = BTU OF HEAT ANNUALLY. Н.О YEAR BILLION pounds will be burned to That could be used to heat... That's enough to fill.. 1.2 trillion power and 14 cool US data BOTTLES OF WATER centers in an (16 oz.) MILLION HOMES average year. (90 million BTU/yr)... OR 253 thousand Olympic swimming pools (600 thousand gallons). ... for a whole year. Reducing the footprint RackCDU With Asetek DO THE MATH RackCDU, that heat could prevent roughly could be used for If every data center in the US implemented RackCDU technology, building we would save 8.25 38 BILLION gallons of or water heating. 304 BILLION BLLION POUNDS water bottles or of coal from burning in that 63,000 swimming same year. pools THINKING Around the rest of the world, data centers account for GLOBALLY roughly 1.5 percent of all consumed electricity - or & FINANCIALLY roughly 272 billion kWh. That's more than the GDP of several countries, including... Using RackCDU, that number could be reduced by over 68 billion kWh. Montenegro or Monaco OR $7.2 billion @ 10.59 cents per kWh. SOURCES HTTP://wwW.ANALYTICSPRESS.COM/DATACENTERS.HTML HTTP://wwW.EIA.GOV/TOOLS/FAQS/FAQ.CFM?ID=97&T=3 HTTP://wwW.NREL.GOV/DOCS/FY04OSTI/33905.PDF HTTP://www.WORLDCOAL.ORG/RESOURCES/COAL-STATISTICS/ HTTP://WwW.BLM.GOV/UT/ST/EN/PROG/ENERGY/COAL/ELECTRICITY_CONVERSION.HTML HTTP://wwW.THENEWECONOMY.COM/ENERGY/ASETEKS-TECH-FOR-A-GROWING-SMARTPHONE-MARKET ASETEK HTTP://WwW.EIA.GOV/TODAYINENERGY/DETAIL.CFM?ID-6570 HTTP://wwW.EIA.GOV/ELECTRICITY/MONTHLY/EPM_TABLE_GRAPHER.CFM?T=EPMT_5_6_A y@asetek

Big Data, Big Costs

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We created this infographic to paint a clear picture of the energy problems that face data centers worldwide. We hope that it puts into perspective the tangible benefits of using Asetek’s data cente...





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