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Big Data 2013: Why Marketers and Their Kids are Asking the Same Questions

infochimps 11 What Big Data & Your Kids Have in Common Top Marketing/Advertising Questions for 2013 January 7, 2013 Where do leads come from? Post/comments, tweets, What level of impression repetition is optimum for positive brand recall? likes, links, images, videos, texts, blogs, etc? How many times do I have to ask the same question before they change their answer to yes? Where do babies come from? How do I get a more complete picture of my customer's behavior? Why do my parents act funny after drinking eggnog at the adult's table? Why is my competitor's campaign kicking my butt? Why does my sister get everything she wants? Which customers are more 'at risk' of terminating their subscriptions? Which parent is most likely to remove my iPad privileges when l'm bad? How can I improve the accuracy of my forecast? How can I find out what's underneath all the wrapping paper before Christmas? How do I influence my top social influencers? How do I get Dad to say yes when Mom just said no? How can I leverage all the data my company has amassed in various silos to make my campaigns more strategic? What do my customers really think of my past product launch? How do I sift through the disaster zone called 'my room' to find all the toys I want to play with? What do my parents really think about how I redecorated the living room? How can I better understand user search behavior to improve service, identify trends and predict behavior? Why are so many of my website visitors not making it past the first page? Based on what I know of my parents, what can I do to best improve my chances of getting the presents I want this year? | Why wont my parents buy all the toys I'm throwing into the shopping cart? *50% of communications organizations have a big data strategy: What big data questions do you need answered? For more information visit -

Big Data 2013: Why Marketers and Their Kids are Asking the Same Questions

shared by msrcommunications on Jan 29
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Questions marketers ask about Big Data in 2013 eerily mirror those we hear from our kids.




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